WhatsApp Co-Founder Asks People to Delete Their Facebook Accounts

Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp, has advised users to delete their Facebook accounts.

Facebook is currently facing a major scandal because of the Cambridge Analytica case in which personal information belonging to 50 million Facebook accounts was leaked and used by a company to assist Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election.

“Delete Facebook” Movement

Apparently, Brian Acton has started a movement called #deletefacebook and has gone viral on Twitter. This tweet started it all,

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and was purchased back in 2014 for roughly $19 billion. Following Brian Acton’s tweet, numerous users have retweeted directing their hatred at Facebook for exposing their valuable information.



Cambridge Analytica Fiasco

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook’s co-founder and CEO’s fortune fell by $4.9 billion when the Cambridge Analytica controversy pushed investors away. The company harvested personal data from Facebook accounts using a simple personality quiz app.


Facebook’s Role in Genocide of Muslims in Myanmar

But here’s the catch; Cambridge Analytica did not breach any servers or did something illegal to get their hands on this data – they simply exploited Facebook’s own “feature” which allows the users to share their friends’ data with an app or service without their consent.

Falling Share Prices

Facebook’s shares fell around 11 percent ($57 billion in market cap) which pushed Mark Zuckerberg one place down to fifth on Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index. At the time of writing, Zuckerberg has a total net worth of $68.6 billion – this was close to $75 billion a few weeks ago.

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