Uber Introduces Its Bike-Hailing UberMOTO Service in Lahore

After Careem, Uber has also launched its bike-hailing service in Pakistan. The service will be rolling out to Lahore initially, with more cities to be added in the future.

By using the UberMOTO bike-hailing service, you can commute to your destinations at a much cheaper rate than ever.


Uber has also previously launched its rickshaw-hailing service in select cities as well – UberAUTO. But its latest offering aims to be more affordable than rickshaws.

How Does It Work?

Using UberMOTO is simple. Here’s how you can make use of the service to hail a bike:

  • Download the Uber App and launch it.
  • Select your drop off location
  • Simply choose UberMOTO while you’re looking for a ride.

If the UberMOTO option doesn’t show up for you, consider updating the app.


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UberMOTO Fare Structure

This is how much its going to cost you if you decide to journey with UberMOTO:

  • Base Fare: Rs. 23
  • Per Mile: Rs. 7
  • Per Minute: Rs. 1
  • Minimum Fare: Rs. 36

To give you an idea of the total fare on some common routes, Uber Pakistan has cited these examples:

  • Liberty Bazaar to Model Town Rs. 49 — 64
  • Samanabad to Anarkali Rs. 64 — 79
  • Arfa Towers to Racecourse Rs. 92 — 115
  • Mall Road to Hussain Chowk Rs. 89 — 111

via Uber

  • Congratulations Uber Pakistan for the motor bike service, initiated by Bykea. The service in terms of QOS is worst. On the average the software has bugs, and location of map are giving wrong guidance. With the common trend most softwares are not licensed and subject to errors. The sof tware of payment is wrong, and always on the higher side. Should Uber enter the market that would bring discipline to the industry as far as IPR is concerned. Uber should essentially keep in mind to instruct drivers for ride safety. Tires should be wide, two mirrors, indicator light working, battery charged,brake lights, hand brake, clutch cable, lube oil changed, foot rest. App based motor bike service providers are in terrible shape. Most motor cycles are in miserable conditions, as there is no safety factor on the bike. Particularly the tyres are worn, and very inferior quality, which are likely to skid, in the event of emergency braking. I had a dream to invite Harley Davidson in bike rental. I suggest Uber should talk to Harley Davidson US president to have a pilot trail for 4 weeks for ride hailing service of Uber customers, only to demonstrate Karachi people about what is Harley Davidson. I may volunteer to help Uber to assist Uber for a tax exempted Demonstration of Harley Davidson Motor Cycle on the principal of Un Safety Standards, an in line with the UN Decade of Road Safety to the people of Karachi for a period of 4 weeks, courtesy Uber, and Harley Davidson. Being a member of an international multilateral agency for assistance to lodge the request for demo., of the motor bike the tax be exempted. This will be an honor for the city of Karachi to see Harley Davidson with Uber for a ride.

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