Careem’s New Bike-Hailing Service is Its Cheapest Option Yet

The ride-hailing service Careem has now added a motorbike service which will enable its users to travel in the cheapest possible manner.

Careem has been gaining in popularity by offering cheap and high quality transportation services but Careem Captains and customers both have always had trouble navigating the narrow streets of Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi. Even though the ride-hailing service is flexible, crowded areas of these cities left room for improvement. Including motorbikes will offer those users with an option to navigate through such areas quickly.

Bykea, one of the first motorbike hailing services, could be used for fast and cheap transport for people and parcels but it didn’t gain as much popularity as Careem.

Careem has been expanding its operations lately to make the service more reachable and cheaper than other means of transportation – such as their introduction of a Rickshaw hailing option. Now Careem motorbikes will provide an even cheaper and efficient transportation method which is expected to be widely used thanks to Careem’s well-recognised brand name.

The motorbike service seems to still in the rollout phase and, at the time of writing, is only available in Karachi and Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

Here’s how much the bike service will cost:

  • Starting cost: Rs 25
  • Moving: Rs 4 per km
  • Waiting: Rs 250 per hour
  • Minimum: Rs 50
  • Airport Pickup Surcharge: Rs 100

Here are some common routes in Rawalpindi/Islamabad and their estimated cost using the bike service;

  • 6th Road – Lake View Park: Rs 73-83
  • Qasim Market, Sadar – Commercial Market: Rs 50-68
  • Blue Area – PWD: Rs 111-127

  • Nasir

    pindi boysis ko bhi rozgar mila

  • Mera Ghar to Office (22 KM) With Return :
    Cost 90 Plus Hoga : 50 Rupee K Fuel Main Aram Se Apni Marzi Se Ana Jana Kar Leta ho :
    Aur Fuel to Waisy Bhi Company Ka hai :p

    • Mohammed Raheel Jahangeer

      Bhai tm btana kYa cHaHty hO bhaiiiii..
      Ke jo tumHre pass h R jO tum hO bss tum he hO..??

      hr pOst m chawal maarna zroori hota h wrna galii kii gossip aunties kii trH pait baahir ajata hoga..

      • Azi

        Bazti je ne ho gye ????

        • Muhammad Abrar Ali



        • Muhammad Abrar Ali

          oohny ty barri kiti per maaasa ni feel kiti.?


      • Bhai that’s too much. He has a right to express himself.

        • Mohammed Raheel Jahangeer

          Bhaya Express krna alaG hOta h R RAKSHAW ghusana alaG hOta h..
          Ye BHai saHaB waHan B dikhenGe apkO R aese cOmments k 7 jinka kOii sense he nh hOta h

      • Hasan Abbas

        dill ki baat kardi hai :D

      • tahir aziz

        hahaha zabardast bhai

    • Danish

      i think Careem and Uber should close their business because Abdul Wahab the Great doesn’t need these services.

      • Main Apka Abdul WAHAB The Great Lecturer Legend :d

        • Skyplex Studios

          hahahahaha kia baat hai yaar :P ;)

      • Skyplex Studios

        hahhahaah i think you are right :P

    • sajid junejo

      same distance, bhai muje raaste se pick karlia karo :D

      • SITE Area Ata ho Location Bata do Le Jaoga :d

        • Mohammed Raheel Jahangeer

          1 km krna SITE se nikal k rOad k center m khde hO jana waHan se bht bde bde cOntainers jaaty h ksii k neeche aajaO R ehsaan krO ProPakistani k readers pe..

          • Skyplex Studios

            hahahahahahahha :P :P :P


  • Adnan

    BYKEA vs Careem Bike Service

    Starting cost: Rs 25 (-)
    Moving: Rs 4 per km (=)
    Waiting: Rs 250 per hour (+)
    Minimum: Rs 50 (+)
    Airport Pickup Surcharge: Rs 100 (+)

    Starting cost: Rs 35 (+)
    Moving: Rs 4 per km (=)
    Waiting: 1.5/min (-)
    Minimum: Rs 40 (-)
    Airport Pickup Surcharge: none

    • Azi

      Yah cheez mare Aziz

      • Håfîz Üsåmà

        mere aziz

      • Håfîz Üsåmà

        mere Aziz

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    Extremely high waiting charges.

  • Muhammad Areeb

    thora dino k baad bicycle bhi aa jaye gi

    • Hodor

      Us ke bad banda shoulders ya goudi mai utha ker chale ga. The cheapest option that would be.

      • Nemesis

        Wah, Bohat aala, A silent message for not all but Pakistani lazz azz ppl.

        • Noman Sh

          no man.. there is a Horse riding and then Cow Rides :P

  • Faheem Ahmad

    bykea was OK

  • Faheem Ahmad

    i go on metro and RT1 and i spend 35 jany kay 35 anay kay….on careem bike it would be 240+ which compared to 35+35 = 70 is very very high! :L

    • Danish


  • Noman Sh
  • Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

    اگر موٹر سائیکل کے ساتھ سائیڈ کار لگا دی جائے تو سواریوں کے لیئے بڑی آسانی ہوگی۔ خاوند موٹر سائیکل کے بیچے بیٹھ جائے گا اور بیوی اور بچے سائیڈ کار میں بڑے آرام اور حفاظت سے بیٹھ جائیں گے۔ یوں یہ سواری بہت مقبول ہوگی۔

  • Naeem Sheikh

    what is the procedure to jooin new bikes???
    and how much did we get from it per month with driver from coppany side??
    tell me its important