Nokia 8 Offers Flagship Performance at a Great Price [Video Review]

Just over a year ago, Nokia launched its 3, 5 and 6 models. While they were impressive phones in their respective price points, they were by no means worthy of being called flagships.

Back in August last year, HMD Global launched the Nokia 8 which is their first flagship Android device.

With such a late entry to the Android market, does the Nokia 8 offer enough to stand a chance against market leaders like Samsung and Huawei? Let’s find out.

Unboxing + Review

Camera Samples


Nokia 8 Camera Samples



  • Muhammad Qasim Naeem

    Itna bara review kiya but ka kahi zikar hi nahi

  • what a review wow hahahaa waste of time

  • Ghessan

    we don’t have time for this, please get serious.

    • Bilal

      Time for what? Kindly elaborate.


      • Ghessan

        well you would have understand anyhow go through other people comments and you’ll know it

  • Meetha Zeher Zindagi

    I never read a more worthless review like this before. I am doubting the mental state of propakistani dot com now

    • Bilal

      There was actually nothing to read. The complete review is the video that is linked above with just the camera samples in the post.


  • Meetha Zeher Zindagi

    i hope this will be the last i see of bilal hakim on this site or anywhere :(

  • DevilMind

    in the end of post, at least write:
    2. PRICE in Pakistan
    3. SPECS