By the Numbers: Here’s How Many Messages and Pics People Sent in 2017

Did you know that more than 29 million WhatsApp messages were sent every minute in 2017? The number keeps increasing and every hour the world sends 1.7 billion messages or 40 billion per day.

Statista, a research company, has compiled a list of the world’s internet usage activity and according to its findings, anything can change in an internet minute. Their list gives a complete overview of how our daily lives depend on internet usage and social media while detailing statistics related to popular services people use.

2017 in a Nutshell

what happen in digital world 2017

Do note that WhatsApp, based on monthly active users, does not even come at the top of the list. Facebook leads the way with its active users per month reaching 2 billion last year. This figure shows that almost a quarter of the entire world’s population uses Facebook regularly.


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Moreover, Facebook marked another milestone as back in 2017, around 243,000 images were uploaded to it in a 60-second time frame.

facebook dominates the social media landscape

In the same time frame, Twitter recorded 350,000 tweets and Tinder made 18,000 matches worldwide. Twitter has close to 330 million active users per month.

Increasing Smartphones

Smartphones are definitely among the main reasons for making internet usage more common. According to the stats, 2.5 billion people own a smartphone and use it every day to connect to the internet.

Smartphones offer a quick and easy connection to the internet from anywhere, which is why so many people are uploading their status, setting profile pictures, messaging each other, and doing various other things every second.


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Smartphones have skyrocketed internet access for people. In 2017, the number of internet users increased to 3.5 billion from 3.3 billion in 2016. 3.5 billion is a huge number and amounts to nearly half the world’s population.

smartphone sales in 2017

Other Gadgets

Not just smartphones, other wearables such as smartwatches are becoming common too and people are getting their hands on all sorts of technology.

Notice how the number of Smartphones sales declined in 2017 (graph), it’s mainly due to increasing demand for fitness trackers, smartwatches, and Bluetooth headsets.

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