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IMC Says Toyota Cars Have no Problems With Local Fuel Standards

Indus Motors Company (IMC), the assemblers of Toyota cars in Pakistan, said that they have no complaints regarding the quality of fuels available locally. They mentioned that “our vehicles are running very efficiently on current petroleum products available in the Pakistani market.”

This was stated by Ali Asghar Jamali, the Chief Operating Officer at IMC Pakistan. He was responding to the question  “does IMC have any complaints about the quality of petroleum sold in Pakistan?” The query was prompted by recent reports in the media where a leading car maker accused OMCs (oil marketing companies) of supplying lower RON quality petrol to consumers in the market.


Petrol from PSO, Shell and Total is Harming Cars in Pakistan: Honda

IMC COO Ali Jamali says that his company has no complains about petroleum quality in Pakistan.

“IMC is assembling cars and other vehicles based on the standards prescribed by the government of Pakistan.” Jamali said.

Another official of IMC told ProPakistani that currently Pakistani automakers follow Euro II emission standards for petrol-powered vehicles. He said that Toyota’s car engines are developed with the Euro-II emission standard as well.


OGRA Tests Confirm Petrol is Damaging Car Engines in Pakistan


A few months ago, Honda Motors sent a complaint to the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) about the substandard fuel being sold in Pakistan.

In its complaint, Honda mentioned that due to the use of low quality fuels, their car engines are being negatively affected. Furthermore, Honda blamed 3 oil marketing companies of selling substandard fuel to consumers.


Private Oil Advisory Council Defends Petrol Companies in Pakistan


  • That is because Toyota Indus Motors uses old mostly obsolete engines in cars sold in Pakistan.

    Honda Atlas has had engine issues with local fuel because that engine is the latest Earth Dreams engine variant.

    Technically, any car which gets its catalytic converter chocked and needs its periodic cleaning has issues with Pakistani fuel. Catalytic converters are lifetime use parts and should not get chocked if good fuel is used.

  • ahahahhahaa… yes if it was the year of infamous Y2K bug then Euro-II is really the top standard. But last I checked we’re living in 2018? innit?

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