New Govt Backed Program WIll Add 1 MIllion Healthcare Jobs by 2030

The government has launched an ambitious plan to create more than 1 million jobs in the health sector by 2030. Minister for National Health Services (NHS) Saira Afzal Tarar told that in order to provide readily available health care services, Pakistan needs to increase its workforce of medical practitioners.

The Minister of Health launched  Human Resources for Health Vision (2018-30) program in a bid to create more jobs in private and public healthcare sectors.

Saira Afzal further added that the standards and quality of institutions providing healthcare education would be improved as well.


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Current Situation

Talking about the shortage of staff in the healthcare sector, the minister told;

The current nurses and midwives production capacity is around 9,000 per year, which needs to be doubled in the next five years for which new nursing schools and colleges need to be put in place.

Lady Health Workers’ (LHWs) numbers should also be doubled from the current low of less than 93,000 workers to more than 180,000 within next five years to ensure provision of essential primary health care services at the doorstep of community.

She added that “for a bright future, the people need to be able to perform at their best which can only be possible if they are living healthy and productive lives.”


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Pakistan Needs Better Healthcare Solutions

Pakistan has one of the lowest health-professional-to-population densities in the world. These professionals include physicians, specialists, nurses, lady health visitors, and midwives.

In Pakistan, there’s currently 1.43 professionals per 1000 people. The globally recommended threshold to achieve universal health coverage stands at 4.45 health professionals per 1000 people.

Via Dawn