SC Takes Notice As Govt Fails to Start Saaf Pani Project Despite Spending Rs 4 Billion

Supreme Court has summoned the Prosecutor General of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in a suo moto notice case regarding the irregularities in Punjab Saaf Pani Company (PSPC).

The court noticed that even though the government has spent Rs 4 billion on the project already, the public is yet to receive a single drop of clean water. Supreme Court Lahore registry heard the case in which several officials of the company, including the CEO, appeared before the court.

The apex court remarked that SC will make sure that public’s money spent illegally on the project is returned.

The Case

Punjab Chief Secretary Zahid Saeed was summoned by the court to clarify expenses on the project. He informed the court that Rs 4 billion have been spent on the project so far which includes consultancy fees of foreign experts and salaries, perks etc.


Punjab Saaf Pani Company Executive Arrested Over Corruption Worth Millions

Punjab Saaf Pani Company’s (PSPC) CEO Capt (r) Muhammad Usman submitted the expenses’ report as well that included staff salaries, commute packages and other perks and privileges. The CEO, in his report, said that overall Rs 150 billion were allocated for the Saaf Pani project. Rs 300 million were spent on services of foreign consultants while another Rs 4 billion went for the construction of 116 water plants.

However, the court was not satisfied with the report and rejected it entirely. The CEO was directed to submit another report detailing all expenditure by the company so far. Chief Justice of Pakistan said;

Everyone will be held accountable; I will ensure that every penny of the nation is returned. So much money was spent on advertising but the project was not completed.


Man Pretending to Be NAB Director Caught in Islamabad

CJP further added that CEOs of the government-linked companies will get the same salary package as government servants working the same position. Justice Saqib Nisar told;

A government servant is being favoured [by being appointed as a CEO] with a Rs 1.4 million salary so that he may be used to get work done at any point.

Questionable Hiring

Former CEO of the company was also present at the hearing of the notice. Waseem Ajmal, ex-CEO, informed the court that Chief Minister Punjab interfered in the hiring process even though he had no authority to do so. He added;

Local experts were replaced by foreign experts on orders of the chief minister.

The court further questioned how and why Asim Qadri and his wife, Uzma Qadri, are the board members of the company. Asim Qadri is Zaeem Qadri’s brother who is the Special Assistant to Punjab Chief Minister.

The Chief Justice also contemplated the possibility of sending the case to NAB with a 15-day deadline. The hearing of the case has been adjourned till April 14 and NAB prosecutor general has been directed to appear on the date.

  • Adnan

    Punjab Saaf Pani Pe Hiring Bohat Zaida Howi
    Alag Alag Project Pe Itna Billions Expense Kar Chuke Hai
    Seedha Sea Water into Pure Water (At Sea Side) Plant Q Nahi Lagate
    Pani Pure Karo Than Dam Main Jama Karo
    Sea Water Kabhi Kam Hone Wale He Nahi

    • Ali Salman

      I wish if you knew how much it costs to desalinate sea water.

  • Xahid

    Rs 300 million spend on the salaries for Zero Work output?

    • Muhammad Abrar Ali

      Yup its normal Now a Days in Our Beloved Country

      Muft ki Rottyan


    • Ali Salman

      A Work In Progress project and our Chief Justice is doing politics on it, he isn’t an engineer and comes up with statements with determined mind from the beginning which comes in media immediately. Why he isn’t going to KPK ? KPK doesn’t even has a WIP project for clean water.

      CJ’s “not to do list” will be:

      1- Investigating corruption charges against PTI ministers by its own members and opposition.
      2- Investigating so called billion tree plantation.
      3- Investigating against those 400+ having names in panama leak.
      4- Ensuring audit of 3 armed forces and of army’s businesses as per the mandate of Auditor General of Pakistan.
      5- Missing persons’ case.
      6- Ensuring Iftikhar Chaudry pay for billions of dollars which Pakistan will pay in international courts/forums in cases started by ex-CJ after his suo motos.
      7- Not going to KPK, Sindh.
      8- Clean Karachi.
      9- Education and hospitals’ visits of KPK.

      List will go on….he is going through PMLN phobia and two state institutions are being used against a party and sitting government.

      How many other WIP projects CJ has looked into ? And why should he look into it? Is this his mandate or technical expertise to do it.

      CJ’s expertise was so badly exposed when he called an audit report a report on corruption.
      CJ’s agenda was so badly exposed when he gave example of Lalu Parsad (ex-Rail minister of India) for his performance comparing it with performance of Saad Rafique (sitting Rail Minister of Pakistan) whereas Lalu is sentenced total of 17 years by Indian courts for corruption. CJ is so ignorant or probably biased that he doesn’t know that Lalu’s so called claims of improvement in Indian Rail proved to be wrong.

  • Rao Rizwan

    Good CJ catch these thieves who are looting Pakistan