Careem and Robin Hood Army Pledge to Feed 10,000 People

According to the recent economic survey, more than 25% of Pakistan’s population sleeps hungry at night. While we fill our plates with the food we eventually throw away, many of these people rummage through wastebaskets to devour leftovers like a feast.

Hundreds of children in Pakistan lose their lives due to malnutrition each week, many suffer diseases like stunting due to unavailability of proper diet. Even in this day and age, hunger and malnutrition are a curse that affects millions across Pakistan.

Careem is cognizant of these harsh realities and looks to play its part in feeding as many people as it can. For this purpose, Careem is partnering with Robin Hood Army, a global volunteer-based organization that works to get surplus food to the less fortunate. Together, they have pledged to feed 10,000 people in four days’ time.


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As part of the joint mission, Careem has introduced #BeCareem, a special car type in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Users can book a #BeCareem ride from 12th – 14th April and donate fresh surplus food. Careem will pick the donations right from the user’s doorstep and with the Robin Hood Army’s assistance, this food will be delivered to those in need.

Speaking about the initiative, Junaid Iqbal, Managing Director, Careem Pakistan, said,

According to World Food Program, 60% of Pakistan’s population is food vulnerable. We are filling plates and hearts. I request people to donate wholeheartedly and make a difference, however small that maybe, in the lives of our fellow people. Nobody should have to sleep hungry and this can be our step towards ensuring that.

Careem takes pride in its services and looks to change lives in whatever ways possible. It believes in community outreach and keeps on taking as many initiatives as possible for the same. In the past, Careem has partnered with several Non Profit Organizations to extend help in improving the lives of its community.