Pakistan to Use Watermarked Ballot Papers For The First Time in Upcoming Elections

Election Commission of Pakistan will use watermarked ballot papers for the first time in Pakistan’s history in the upcoming general elections. The paper for printing of ballots will be purchased from France and ECP has reportedly put the order already.

France will deliver the paper in June after which the printing process shall commence. ECP is looking for means to curb election rigging that has surrounded almost every election held to date.

Cost of the Paper

The overall purchasing and printing costs will exceed Rs 1.5 billion, reports claim. According to the same reports, the printing costs will amount to Rs 610 million and ECP has released an advance payment for the purchase as well.


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The purchasing cost alone will be around Rs 1 billion, sources in the election commission told. Rs 150 million will be given to the printing press corporation and another Rs 110 million will be released for the postal printing.

The decision to introduce watermarked ballot papers was made in an ECP meeting last month. Apart from that, the commission also decided to purchase electoral machinery, vehicles, and storage facilities at the division level.

The committee further discussed the construction of federal election academy and other ECP offices in the meeting as well.

  • hahhahaha………………Ham Apna election bhe khud nahin karwa saktey………….france kay paper pay select honmey waley candidates ki is mulk say wabastagi kesy ho sakti haii………….Doob maroo sharam say………aisa karo bhaii aik 10 ropees kay note pay apna numainda likh kay jama kar loo………..Govt. revenue bhe kama lay gi aur paper bhe bach jaye ga

  • OMG…what the hell???…being a top agricultural country, you cant even have the good quality paper??? sad…this is pakistan to throw away people’s 1 billion money to fcking french compny..there must be some kickbacks or corruption in it a well..??

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