Daig.com.pk is Pakistan’s First Online Catering Website

Pakistan’s first online catering website (daig.com.pk) – a project by Deen Foods – has been officially launched. Deen Foods and Catering is a well-known name in the catering industry in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Daig.com.pk is a completely online catering website which provides you a wide variety through its online menu range.

It is replacing traditional catering experience, which usually requires multiple visits to the caterers before finalization. For placing an order, the mechanism website-based. Each order is placed by following three simple steps; choose a Daig from the menu, fill in your address and pay on delivery. The computerized systems and order management make it all more efficient than any other catering facility available.

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Daig is currently providing catering services in the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad but they have a future expansion plan for other cities. With the current digital transformation of businesses, it was a necessity to have such an online platform for catering services; one which provides online catering that’s just a few clicks away.

Daig by Deen Foods and Catrers

CEO Daig, Mr. Waqas Yaseen is determined to provide an extraordinary catering experience with Daig, He says,

We are focused on providing people with effortless solutions, saving time and digitalizing everything related to catering which will also save our customers from visiting catering outlets. It is going to be choosing from an online menu to receiving at your doorstep. It is an era where people like ordering things online, the internet has taken over many physical businesses, and we want to keep this tradition of ordering a Daig alive by providing this online facility.

At the launch event, Mr. Lijian Zhao, DCM at Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China, said, “Initiatives like Daig.com.pk are going to promote growth in the e-commerce sector of Pakistan. This will eventually have positive impact on economic growth of Pakistan.”

Mr. Lijian Zhao with daig stuff

Ambreen Shah Vice President of Power China Hub Generation Company also appreciated the quality standard and taste of food served by Daig at the launch event. She showed her impressions on the concept of digitalizing the traditional catering services for people who prefer online order placement.

Daig is an initiative to serve people in this fast pace life where it is hard for them to spare time and physically visit outlets. The quality, standard and efficient service is assurance that it is going to be time-saving as well as of great value for the money spent.

For further details and placing order log on to www.daig.com.pk

  • It’s Expensive : Expensive too Much Expensive :
    Chicken Biryani Cost 10X10 PKR : 7,500
    Here in Karachi United Pakwan, Tahir Pakwan, Labbiaik Pakwan, Gohar Pakwan, Ghani Pakwan, Zam Zam Pakwan, Etc Cost 10X12 PKR : 6,550 (With Free Delivery Upto 10 KM) (Additional may be added PKR 200 in Town Premises )

    Beef Biryani Cost 12X12 PKR : 9,500
    Here in Karachi United Pakwan, Tahir Pakwan, Labbiaik Pakwan, Gohar Pakwan, Ghani Pakwan, Zam Zam Pakwan, Etc Cost 12X12 PKR : 8,400 (With Free Delivery Upto 10 KM) (Additional may be added PKR 200 in Town Premises)

    Abhi 4 Din Pehly Ghar Pe Function tha Usi Ka Rate Bataya :

    Online Wale Bus Lootte Hai Aur Kuch Nahi :)
    It’s Much Better to Visit your Area Pakwan & Get the Latest Deal
    Because you know it :

    • Any idea Karachi ki best mutton biryani kahan se mile gi? Tried almadni pakwan due to recommendations, but there’s room for improvement.

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