Ghandhara Nissan Becomes the Official Importer of Renault Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

Ghandhara Nissan Limited (GHNL) is set to enhance its penetration in the automobile sector with the launch of world-renowned heavy commercial vehicles from Renault to meet the demands of the local market.

The company has signed an agreement with France’s Renault Trucks SAS to import heavy commercial vehicles in Pakistan, according to a stock filing by the company.

Ghandhara Nissan will not assemble trucks in Pakistan but it will import completely built-up units (CBU) of the heavy commercial vehicles initially.


Renault is Setting Up Its New Auto Assembly Plant in Faisalabad: Rumors

The company has imported a few units of Renault Trucks for testing and trial purposes to assess the demand and the viability of such commercial vehicles in Pakistan.

Currently, the country is witnessing development in infrastructure and energy sectors, therefore the scope of such imported trucks cannot be ruled out in the local market.

However, GHNL should consider the assembly of the trucks once it tests the demand of the local market. The imports of commercial vehicles at large scale will not bode well for the imports bill, which is already very high these days.


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The assembly of heavy commercial vehicles is not only possible in Pakistan but it will also become a more commercially viable option as many of the players are already engaging in this specialized sector.

GHNL is an automobile company primarily planning to launch the budget Nissan Datsun Go cars, as per its business plan submitted to Engineering Development Board and Board of Investment, a couple of months ago.

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