Pakistani Army Cadet Wins UK’s Highest Merit Award

Shehroz Shahid, a Pakistan army cadet, has won the highest merit award for the best overseas cadet in the United Kingdom. The award was presented to Shahid at Royal Military Academy (RMA), Sandhurst for best overall performance in education, training, and physical fitness during his stay at RMA.

General Sir Nicholas Patrick Carter, the British Army’s Chief of General Staff, presented the outgoing cadet with the award. The award is equivalent to the Queen’s Medal and is given to the best performer in all categories to the visiting cadets.

Shehroz Shahid joined Royal Military Academy two years ago after passing out from Pakistan Military Academy. His training has concluded at the RMA and will return to Pakistan soon. Shahid will rejoin Pakistan army and continue his services as an officer.


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Shahid did express few words about his ambition and award saying;

The only thing important to me was Pakistan’s name being announced on an International stage. Allah has been the kindest to me and my family. The actual path starts now. May Allah guide me to give my best to Pakistan and serve best where ever and whenever I will be called to. Thank you, everyone, for your love and support

Here are some of the photos from the academy where Shahid is seen getting the award;

    • Relevance — or just the inner hatred coming out?
      If you cannot say anything good keep your mouth shut!
      Have some shame, and congratulate the young man on his success and for the laurels he has brought to the country.

      • I guess his resentment is correct placed. Unlike you or I, he refuses to praise laurels offered by his colonial masters who did such a good job at enslaving us that we have yet to learn self esteem, reclaim our dignity and stand upright confidently.
        Our obsession with the English must end. After passing out from PMA, no cadet should need endorsement from any other academy. They arent a yard stick for anything.
        There is another Sandhurst heart throb who is recently seen dancing so professionally that the distinction b/w his masculinity and femininity is muddled. Men are supposed to carry themselves like men unless British academy teaches them to resent their gender and the toughness that must come with it.
        I cant help but raise my eyebrows when groom dances better than the bride – a professional actress. He made a bold statement (figuratively speaking) and only a few people were keen enough to notice it.

        • I am sorry to say but we now can identify such bastards who have nothing else but one agenda .. sell your country and make money. Everyone and anyone who is against our forces is sold and is corrupt, be it PML-M. PPP or anyone else. It is shameful and just a coward act. It is such a blessing from Almighty Allah that all such insects show their true self and can be identified.

        • My dear burlesque, may I gently bring to your attention why a large portion of your argument is fraught with disjointed and conflicting arguments.
          Competing on a world forum on merit has nothing to do with seeking validation from colonial masters — even at the time of Prophet Muhammed (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him), many of our military competency assessments were done on standards established by non-Muslims.
          Similarly for many social acts we practiced and continue to practice till today. Let me elaborate to you, and please feel free to check and verify and let me know in your response if anything of what I say is incorrect.
          Let’s start with a most basic example, which the Prophet Muhammed (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him), himself used — the Azaan that you hear five times a day.
          Before our beloved Bilal ibn Rabah RA gave his first Azaan, a discussion took place between the sahabas and the Prophet (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him), where a bell from Christians, a horn from the jews and a drum were all suggested as a call to prayer for Muslims. But the Prophet asked Bilal ibn Rabah to call the Azaan in a most melodious and passionate voice as in Omar’s
          By your argument, he should not have done that, since calling to prayers was an established act by Christians as well as Jews before Muslims – even within Madina itself.
          Now to military example (since its more relevant to the discussion at hand also). Omer Bin Khattab, Ali Bin Abi Taleb RA and Hamza RA all competed in military contests where the Arab pagans competed against them at various festivals and championships. The rules of these contests were not created by Muslims but by the traditions followed by the pagan Arabs for centuries.
          Omar Bin Khattab RA was a regular winner at these events. Should he too not have measured his victories in those contests participated by all denominations of non-muslims on standards and benchmarks set
          by them?
          Or do you think a Sahabee of the stature of Omar RA, who the Prophet (May Allah’s
          Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) himself said, had there been a Prophet after Muhammed (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him), it would have been Omar, was seeking validation?
          You are mixing the issue at hand. We can indeed compete with and beat them at their game without compromising on our own moral, ethical and thought independence. Celebrating the ways of
          non-muslims (such as basant, holi, Valentine, etc) is a completely separate issue, which I agree with you completely is highly deplorable.
          However, If anything, Shehroz Shahid has beaten the colonials at their own game — just like Omar RA had done against the kuffars of Mecca
          in his times.
          As far as speaking in English is concerned, language is nothing more than a means of communication. Allah even used different languages to send His various books to different prophets (from Aramaic for Torah to Arabic for our blessed Holy Quraan) depending on where the book was revealed and/or where His Prophets preached. All Languages known and unknown belong to Allah.
          You need to understand that what you are saying compartmentalizes and belittles Islam, which is completely the opposite of what Islam is truly about. The true beauty of Islam is its universality for all of Mankind (for all times, all worlds and all eras).
          Again I agree with you 100% regarding whom-so-ever you mentioned dancing and prancing away on his wedding (better than his actress wife), this is indeed, as you quite rightly mentioned not the way of a Muslim man.
          But that is neither the fault of Sandhurst nor of the system of their training.
          Had that gentleman been a true Muslim, he may not have married an actress but instead a Muftiah or Alima.
          But this has nothing to do what-so-ever with Sandhurst or military
          training there.
          I will end with another reference to Prophet Muhammed (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him), who himself used to urge excellence in all matters – and learning from any and all cultures
          and people, as long as it was not in violation of teachings of Islam.

          An example of that is that he appointed non-muslims captured in Battle of Badr to teach 10 Muslims to write and read as a compensation to releasing them without paying their ransom.
          May Allah bless you, and give you more knowledge of our deen and its understanding as well as ability to follow the same. Ameen!

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