Uber and Elahi Group Launch ‘Rickshaw Financing Program’

Uber, the global smartphone app that offers safe, reliable and affordable transport options for riders and drivers, has joined hands with Elahi Group (EGC) to launch an innovative ‘Rickshaw Financing Program’ for Uber partner-drivers in Pakistan.

Through this partnership, Uber aims to provide a solution for driver-partners who are unable to finance their own vehicle. With EGC’s ‘Vehicle Installment Program’, the new and existing Uber driver-partners, especially those who do not have access to a vehicle or credit record, can pay down the cost of a rickshaw in affordable installments over a financing period of up to 3 years.


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Omar Askari, Head of Business Development at Uber Pakistan said:

“There is a dearth of efficient financing options in the rickshaw market. Our partnership with The Elahi Group will deliver a program that provides our driver partners access to a vehicle in an easy and affordable manner. We are excited to build a mechanism that empowers our fellow citizens to benefit from the economic opportunity our technology platform facilitates.”

Speaking about the partnership, Danish Elahi – CEO of Elahi Group of Companies, said:

“This innovative Rickshaw Financing Program, in collaboration with Uber Pakistan, is an ideal response to the increasing demand for affordable and creative transportation services in Pakistan. We are looking forward to bringing this program to Uber partner-drivers, creating a pathway for them to utilise the economic opportunities available to them through Uber and be active and empowered members of the community.”

The Rickshaw Financing Program is part of Uber Pakistan’s commitment to increase the supply of affordable Uber products in Pakistan, create more economic opportunities and empower marginalized individuals.

  • Compliments Mr Omer Askari Head Business Development @ Uber Pakistan microfinancing an important transport sector. Uber played an important role in Road Safety compliance on IRU and UN Road Safety standards, which are far, far from the roads of Karachi. Changed the automobile sector of Pakistan with standardised autos on OICA standards but need a major sweep for Road Safety for Passenger/Vehicle. I’m sure Uber’s taxis worldwide are based on OICA standards with Pakistan as exception, as our country doesn’t comply to any international standards on autos.,

    I noticed recent launch of 10 buses from Daewoo Govt., of Sindh which major in cosmetic Aircon. Taking an initiative on Capacity Building in Karachi city for transport if taken by Uber from the Government of Sindh, on Uber and International Standards for Road Safety would be a major contribution of Uber to the City of Karachi by an international company on international standards as Uber tradition worldwide.
    I suggest to please take an initiative from Govt., of Sindh and Daewoo it be Uber Pakistan under the Business Development may provide a security of life, and a seat to home by Uber Pakistan.
    With blessings, and best wishes

  • Yesterday had ride on very new raksha, asked raksha driver abt it, he told me paid 30,000 in advance & 10,000 per month installment, The raksha wud cost 300,000 (3 Laakh) in installments. Maybe yehe program hoga.

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