Temperatures Expected to Come Down in Karachi: Met Dept

A heatwave recently engulfed Karachi, with temperatures soaring to as high as 40.5°C. The heatwave, coupled with the persistent load-shedding aggravated the lives of Karachi’s citizens to no end. Rangers and police established free-of-charge camps around the city to provide water to citizens and attend to those struck by the heatwave.

But now, the Met Department has some good news to share. According to Pakistan Meteorological Department’s Regional Director Shahid Abbas, the temperature today i.e. 5th May, will remain relatively low.

The Met Department forecasts that the temperature will be 36°C and 38°C during the day. The mercury will drop on Sunday as well, staying between 34°C and 36°C. South-westerly winds blowing at 22 kmph yesterday helped bring the temperature down in the city.


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Amidst the heatwave, several areas of Karachi faced load-shedding for 10-12 hours. K-Electric released a statement about the power shortfall, saying that the around 200 megawatts of additional shortfall has occurred due to a technical fault at Bin Qasim power plant. This means that there will be an increased load-shedding of 2-3 hours a day, the statement further added.

It should be mentioned that just two years ago, Karachi faced one of the worst heatwaves in the country’s history. More than 1000 people lost their lives due to the heatwave. It is hoped that authorities take all out measures to ensure that this incident is not repeated again.

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