Modern Hospital ‘Waste Collection and Disposal Service’ Launched in Punjab

Hospitals are meant to be the cleanest places out there considering the obvious, you know, germ-disease connection. However, most hospitals in Pakistan portray a totally different picture of unhygienic conditions at their best. Some centers do use the waste management systems, however, it is outdated and centuries old.

According to a study, hospitals in Pakistan cumulatively generate 250,000 tons of waste every year which is not only harmful to human health but to the environment, and the economy as well.

Punjab government has launched a rather innovative way of handling and managing the waste from hospitals.

The Waste Management System

New Era Technologies, the firm hired by the government, will be responsible for handling hospital waste in the province.

The system has been launched in various districts across Punjab where waste from ward level will be collected and disposed. Different colored bins will be used to collect the waste depending on its infection level.

The waste will then be transported in fabricated and refrigerated yellow vehicles to the disposal sites for incineration.


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Here is how the system will work;

Hospital Waste Flow Chart

Have a glance at the team at work;

Hospital Waste Management Team

Hospital Waste Management Team Members

Hospital Waste Management Team Members

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  • Why such Positive news from Punjab are never shown from the top media?. Also why English Print media like Dawn, Nation, Express tribube and herald are silent on any positive news from Punjab.

    For example for Dawn News the only news that come from Punjab are negative or some murder or rape news. These channels are politically and regionally biased.
    The whole media is infact biased.

    • Do you think Pakistani media is independent ?

      They can’t broadcast or print a news story without approval from GHQ. Geo once tried to do that after Hamid Mir was attacked and everyone knew who attacked him. From that day Geo is declared “ghaddar” by every army loving individual who are self claimed patriots.

      Title of this story is misleading, such system already existed in Punjab in major hospitals (done by current government years back) and a story was done by Express News on it, hosted by anchorperson Mansoor Ali Khan.

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