Gourmet Bakery is Launching Its Own TV Channel in Pakistan

Another privately-owned TV channel is about to join Pakistan’s media landscape. Gourmet, one of the biggest bakeries in Pakistan, will launch its own channel after the month of Ramadan. The channel will mainly focus on breaking news and current affairs as Gourmet looks to further diversify its business.

Gourmet’s bakery chain was launched 27 years ago and has around 100 branches in the capital city of Punjab alone. The company owns a 12% stake in Silk Bank and has invested in other ventures such as magazine publication, furnishing, and pharmacies as well.


According to reports, the channel will be launched under the G News Network (GNN) name. However, Gourmet officials told that the name hasn’t been finalized yet as the administration has four different options to choose from.

Gourmet will be rebranding the Jaag TV network it acquired back in 2016 with a Rs 1.5 billion investment. For this purpose, Gourmet has hired Amir Mir of The News International as their Chief Operating Officer (COO). Amir Mir is the brother of the renowned TV anchor Hamid Mir and Deputy Editor and Editor Investigations of The News.


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One of the Many

Gourmet Bakery isn’t the first major player to diversify its business portfolio beyond its brand recognition in the market. Previously, several renowned companies have entered different markets to expand their business.

Other renowned players that have entered different business dimensions through their already-established businesses include Dunya News and Express Media Group. Express Media Group’s CEO co-owns the Lakson Group, which includes Colgate-Palmolive (Pakistan), Cyber.Net, Clover and McDonald’s (Pakistan) working under it.

Mian Amer Mahmood, the owner of Dunya News, also owns the Punjab Group of Colleges network. Hum Network, another major player, also announced a few months back to launch its own online grocery store.


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For Gourmet’s GNN the launch date has not been finalized yet. However, expect it to air its test transmission after Ramadan concludes.

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  • Arsalan

    “Gourmet will be rebranding the Jaag TV network it acquired back in 2016 with a Rs 1.5 billion investment”. So, Gourmet is already running a TV channel since 2016. Then, why are you misleading users with misleading headline that Gourmet is launching its own TV channel??

    • Maafi dy dain bhai ghalti ho gayi in say… Hum apki azmat say nawaqif thy.

    • Bro, Launching own TV channel is not misleading. Before that they bought Jaag TV, not launched from own. Buying from other party and already running. Now launching own tv channel GNN. Also they are rebranding Jaag TV. I hope its clear :)

  • Leo

    Huh,, Gourmet products are declining in quality each day, no wonder they are planning to diversify their biz. Will be another addition in raising the Blood Pressure of the nation the way these news channels run these days,,

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    Great channel best wishes

  • Khizar Ranjha

    Great channel best wishes

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