Microsoft Launcher Brings Windows Timeline to Android

Microsoft Launcher for Android now supports Timeline and you can now continue your cross-platform applications on your Android device after launching them on your PC (or any other supported device).

Windows 10’s Timeline feature syncs user activity in one place and lets users continue their work on another device. For instance, you can run a task on your computer and finish it later on your smartphone.

The company has not revealed any details, for now, it will share additional information shortly. iPhone users will have to rely on Microsoft’s Edge browser in order to use Timeline and continue their browsing session on their PC, tablet, etc.

More Details Coming

Additionally, Microsoft Launcher is also getting updates to properly support enterprise customers and will soon get the ability to discover line-of-the-business apps and IT advisement configurations. The company’s launcher users will get an update to the latest build and will soon get to use compatible apps for seamless cross-platform usage and data transfer.


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Though iPhone will only be able to access Timeline for Edge browsing sessions, Android users will get to continue most of their work done on Microsoft apps such as Word, Excel, and Edge as well.

This feature is particularly useful for office workers and employees who heavily rely on Microsoft applications and need to transition between their smartphone and PC constantly.

For details about Microsoft Launcher and other updates by the company, check out their news blog.

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