CJP Summons PM Abbasi and Airline CEOs Over Fake Degrees of Pilots

Supreme Court of Pakistan has summoned CEOs of all airlines regarding an ongoing case related to the fake degrees of airline employees. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) director told the court that PM of Pakistan, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, owns one of the airlines as well. On this, the Chief Justice told that the Prime Minister can be called to appear before the court in private capacity.

The Fake Degree Case

The court was informed that the Pakistani airlines have hired many employees with fake degrees. It was also added that employees fired from the national flag carrier over fake degrees are now working in private airlines.

The court was also informed that degrees of 24 pilots were found to be fake. These pilots had been previously been fired from PIA, according to media reports.


Over 600 PIA Employees Have Fake Degrees

The court took a suo moto notice of the case and directed the airlines to submit their employees’ data. In response to the apex court’s demands, CAA official told that only PIA and Shaheen Air have submitted the required data.

The court was informed that four airlines are currently operating in the country. The court ordered to verify the data of 1,972 employees working for PIA. Out of this, data of 225 has been received so far. And out of those 225, degrees of 108 have been verified as of yet with further scrutiny in process.

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  • What are priority of current Chief Justice?

    Is he too much confuse to decide what he should do?

    If I go with his logic that current governments (federal and provincial) are responsible for problems of 70 years then CJ Nisar should also be responsible for 1.8 million cases in higher and lower courts and 38,000 in Supreme Court of Pakistan alone.

    Concrete steps he could do bringing reforms in judicial system he isn’t willing to do, what he is doing is putting leg in administration’s affair. Whatever logic one can give it doesn’t fit in constitutional limits. If this can be justified by some Pakistanis then a formal change should be done with faujis and judges ruling this country.

    At least politicians will be spared from criticism for problems of 70 years though they ruled less than fauji janta which ruled for 38 years.

  • The number of unattended RAPE cases in courts is now crossing the 5000 mark. But Chief Justice is nowhere to be seen. Similarly the total cases are now reaching 20 Lakh. More than 50,000 Unattended Murder and attemp to murder cases are now pending.
    Some people are fighting their cases for more than 40-50 years and still they are not getting any justice.

    But why Chief Justice is sleeping?. This chief justice is doing everything except his job. His job is to bring justice to masses. But right now he is just doing politics and trying everything to get some news coverage.

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