Naheed Supermarket Brings Pre Ramadan Sale with Attractive Discounts

Looking to get your groceries stocked in the run up to the Holy Month of Ramadan? You don’t need to look any further than Naheed Supermarket in Karachi.

The mega superstore, which is centrally located in Bahadurabad, Karachi, has launched its pre-Ramadan Sale in style, featuring up to 30% off on 45 brands.

Now you won’t have to miss on the essentials for upcoming Sehris and Iftaris, especially with Naheed Supermarket’s Pre Ramadan sale. To find out what they are offering for its Ramadan Sale, check this link.

Only the Freshest and Newest Stock

Naheed Supermarket is your one-stop shop for everything. The store features both quality products from local as well as international brands that make your life better.

The store provides you with a wide and complete range of products from premium ice creams, spices, grocery, food products, jewelry, garments to cosmetics.

Every week, Naheed sources a fresh batch of products from renowned Middle Eastern brands such as Labban, Zabadi for your dairy and fresh juices needs. Premium ice cream brands are also available for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Get More with Your Loyalty Card During This Promotion

Naheed Supermarket is also offering greater rewards for customers who use their loyalty cards. This season, Naheed’s most regular customers can get more for less the next time they shop during the Ramadan Sale. You can earn 5x reward points on products bought at the store. When you use the loyalty card to pay, you are technically getting a 5% cashback on future purchases.

Don’t forget to ask for your loyalty card if you shop at Naheed regularly and enjoy savings all year long.

If that wasn’t enough, Keenu Wallet is also offering 10% cashback off purchases at Naheed till 15th May 2018.

Professional and Courteous

Naheed is managed by a thoroughly professional yet friendly staff that believes in their customers and is there to guide them every step of the way. They ensure that only quality stock is kept on the shelves, with no expired or substandard products being sold to their invaluable customers.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of Naheed Supermarket’s Pre Ramadan Sale and save more on quality products.