Here Are 5 Apps for Ramadan You Didn’t Know You Needed

In the modern world, there’s a whole portfolio of apps to keep you updated with the news, remind you to carry out errands, or perhaps help you navigate through busy streets.

These apps are not limited, even Muslim consumers can use a host of  handy companion applications to aid their religious routine and to keep track of their prayers. Housewives, workers, and even children can add to their religious lives using these modern solutions.

Check out our picks of some decent apps that you, as a Muslim, might find useful for the holy month of Ramadan, and for the months to come.

Ramadan Legacy

Ramadan Legacy App

This is probably the most popular app in this list, Ramadan Legacy is a fully featured Ramadan app for Muslims which also works as a mini-Islamic social network to livestream your Iftar or other celebrations with its 1 million users.

It’s also a great tool to keep in touch with your religious duties, as we can often lose track of time in our fast-paced lives. By downloading Ramadan Legacy, you get a 30 day planner to plan out your prayers, recitals, and the days you fasted. Moreover, it also hands you cards and knowledge snippets to strengthen your Islamic knowledge.

The best part is its modern, ergonomic, and colorful design for the best Ramadan experience.

(iOS, Android)

Ramadan Recipes

Ramadan Recipes App

More than often, choosing a dish to order or to cook on a daily basis becomes a difficult task for most Pakistani households. Ramadan Recipes has a complete database of authentic Pakistani recipes for dishes usually cooked in the month of Ramadan.


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The app can work offline, and contains over 700 recipes for you to pick from, including the Ramadan essentials such as chaats, pakoray, pulao, and their different variations. Each recipe contains a written set of instructions, images, and is sorted in its respective category for ease of use.

You can also set a reminder, which will remind you to cook your chosen recipe specially categorized for Iftar, Sehri, and for the rest of the month of Ramadan.

You can also share your favorite recipes to social networks, along with bookmarking them to return to them in the future.

(Android only: English, Urdu)

Dhikr & Dua – Quran, Ramadan

Ramadan Dhikr and Dua App

Dhikr & Dua is a set of 262 “authentic dhikr and duas” collected from the Holy Quran and other renown knowledgeable resources. What’s more is that it has 38 different categories of Duas for different situations which you can learn on the go.

For those who prefer listening to recitations, this app also has audio recordings for all Duas recorded by well-trained speakers.

You can bookmark your favorite Duas and access them from a simple menu accessed by a single swipe from the left. It also notifies you to recite a Dua periodically, so it’s also a good tool for developing a useful habit.


Quran Academy

Quran Academy App

Just like Ramadan Legacy, this is another high-end app developed by international developers. It focuses on helping Muslims memorize Quran with interactive games and intelligent learning methods which can be effectively put into your daily routine.

Quran Academy lets you plan out your memorization sessions, reminds you to practice, and even lets you compare with other learners across the web. You can create a group of up to 25 people and take on Group Challenges to accelerate your learning and get instant feedback by comparing with others.

Moreover, it also has display customization options and supports Urdu script for Pakistani users. It has fun games which even children can regularly play to learn while having fun.

(iOS, Android)

Lose It!

Last but not the least, Lose It! is a handy calorie counter that lets you measure your food intake and avoid to overeating. Eating routine significantly changes during Ramadan and its very easy to lose sight of how much you have been eating.

Lose It!, you can set a goal which the app helps you achieve by mapping your calorie intake through fun, interactive mini-games. You can connect your fitness peripherals to it, such as fitness watches, and also use a built-in barcode scanner to input your calorie intake for each food.

For other types of foods, instead of having to manually specify details, you can simply take a picture of your dish and let the app do the heavy lifting. It even tracks your water intake, fruit and vegetable ratio, and also gives you regular exercise challenges.

(iOS, Android)

A very happy Ramadan to all of you from us at ProPakistani. May this month be full of blessings, good deeds and good food.

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