Huawei P20 Pro is All About the Style and Cameras [Review]

Manufacturers have reached a point where it’s impossible to show off something innovative in a new smartphone these days unless, of course, you’re Apple (sarcasm intended, for the oblivious). And it’s not really the manufacturer’s fault either; smartphones have reached a point where they’re nearly perfect and it’s hard to do anything noteworthy.

However, someone at Huawei must have thought that we’ve come all this way with dual cameras, so why not go one step further? Why not use 3 cameras on a smartphone? And that’s exactly what they did.

Meet the Huawei P20 Pro. This eye-catching smartphone comes with a Leica triple camera setup, a stunning design and… a notch. While the notch may be an odd design choice, the rest of the phone looks promising and boasts some great low light photos. So, is the hype really worth it? Are 3 cameras overkill?


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Well, that’s what we are here to find out today. We got our hands on a shiny new Huawei P20 Pro and here’s what we think of it.

Review [In Urdu]

Camera Samples

Huawei P20 Pro Camera Samples

  • Whether the notch and the bezel ruin it’s design or not is your personal opinion ! Don’t express it as a fact !

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