Sophiya Anjam’s YouTube Show Offers Food For Your Thoughts

Love it or hate it, we all spend hours upon hours consuming content on the social media, hoping to learn something new, or maybe just even pass the time.

With so much content out there, it becomes near impossible to come across quality-oriented programming that makes us think of issues on a more deeper, philosophical and even personal level.

If you are looking for an online program that features something different yet meaningful, then you should check out The “S” Stories, a YouTube video series hosted by the popular Sophiya Anjam AKA RJ Sophie.

About Sophiya Anjam

Sophiya Anjam is a noted media personality, who has served as a TV Host at PTV World, when she hosted ‘Weekend World With Sophie’. Currently, she is one of the leading Radio Hosts at FM91 & also heads their Marketing. Based in Lahore, she ventured into the media field after completing her schooling from Lahore Grammar School & then Masters in Mass Communication later on, from Kinniard College.

At just 22 years of age after getting her training in media production from Dubai, she joined the radio bandwagon with her morning show called ‘Head Over Heels’, which gained momentum over the years.

She got introduced to this field spontaneously, after a friend of hers working at FM91 asked her to audition & since then, there was no turning back for her. In the past few years, she shifted to the evening time & now currently hosts one of the popular radio shows in Pakistan called ‘Drive On With Sophie.’ Great interaction with her audience, research, and versatility in music is her strength.

She also hosts different corporate and non-corporate events and also does a lot of voice-overs for various campaigns. Donation drives for charity purposes is close to her heart, while she also takes up marketing projects both nationally and internationally, as a free lancer.

Given her focus towards humanitarian issues, she also serves as the Shaukat Khanum Hospital Ambassador (SKIA), WWF Pakistan Goodwill Ambassador, as well as Kaarvan Crafts Foundation Goodwill Ambassador in Pakistan.

The S Stories

Sophiya, from the very beginning of her career in the media, always wanted to incorporate humanitarian, environmental and spiritual issues, which inculcate essential components of a dynamic & prosperous society.

She saw how there was a lack of content and awareness in our society regarding issues that matter, while sadly the focus was always on sensationalizing news, copy pasting and lifestyle-based blogging, more so, without any research or aim.

People should be inspired by content, not just see the same story on every online channel like a photocopy.

“Keeping the Spirit Alive” as the show’s tagline says, the “S” Stories, is currently showcasing issues that one usually faces in Ramazan, things we tend to ponder upon, get confused and how we can overcome them. She hosts Maulana Jahangir Mahmood for 2 special episodes and together they discuss how one can make the most out of the Holy month.

The “S” Stories has currently aired 15 episodes so far. Every episode has a different story and have highlighted different topics e.g. Mental Health Awareness, Importance of Ramazan, Environmental Protection, Travel, Entertainment, Social Work and the likes.

Click here to check out rest of the episodes.

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  • Owaiis

    I checked out the channel and tbh it needs some work. Best of luck to the youtuber.