E-Commerce Company Caught Committing Rs. 50 Million Duty Fraud at Karachi Airport

Pakistan Custom has uncovered high dutiable goods being imported in the garb of Magazines and Printed matter at Jinnah International Airport Karachi. Initial investigations revealed that the misdeclaration caused the national exchequer Rs 50 million in custom duties.

Three persons involved in this scam were arrested.

This was announced by customs officials in a media brief held at AFU Karachi. Deputy Collector Shoaib Raza informed the media and display recovered items.

Shoaib Raza told that M/S Paradise E commerce Solutions, a Karachi based eCommerce Company, imported 51 packages with a total weight of 690 Kgs imported through a company based in America. In import documents, this consignment declared the items as Magazines and Printed Matter.

During the inspection, it was confirmed that company has misdeclared and Cosmetics, Food Supplements, Vitamins, Ladies Purses various other household and electronic goods were found in the packages. One heavy duty 3D printer, which can only be imported after getting a NOC from Ministry of Interior, was also found in the shipment.

The value of the goods seized is Rs. 33,91, 514 and duty taxes amount to Rs. 28,54,943.

During the investigation, it revealed that company was involved in massive fraud by clearing high-value dutiable goods in the garb of newspaper and magazines. The company’s previous record of 25 shipments has also been retrieved and the duty and taxes evaded so far are estimated to be more than Rs. 50 million.

Customs registered an FIR against M/S Paradise E commerce Solutions and arrested three people involved in misdeclaration of goods.

Proprietor of M/S Paradise E commerce Solutions, M Najib Markatiya, company Operation Manager, Waseem Ahmed, and Clearing In charge, Rafique Ahmed Siddique, were arrested.

  • “One heavy duty 3D printer, which can only be imported after getting a NOC from Ministry of Interior, was also found in the shipment.” wait what??? why do you need NOC for that??

    • ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to make changes in the import regime to allow imports of new products.

      The proposed regulatory measures include allowing import of new restricted products, while putting a ceiling on certain facilities.

      The changes will be made in the import order through the proposed Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF), an official in the commerce ministry told Dawn on Saturday.

      The ministry has sent a summary to the prime minister secretariat, while these measures were already approved by a cabinet committee on production and exports, headed by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.

      “The same will be submitted to the cabinet for final approval,” the official said.

      Despite repeated requests to get an official version on the proposals, the ministry did not respond.

      However, a draft of the STPF showed that the commerce ministry has proposed to allow import of three-wheelers for disabled persons. It is also proposed to put the condition of Euro-II compliance for import of two- or three-wheelers.

      The government is considering allowing the imports of five years old specialised vehicles subject to pre-inspection in the exporting country.

      It is also under consideration to lift a ban on import of poultry from South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Iraq, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria and Bosnia, subject to certification from respective veterinary authority of the exporting country.

      In the telecom sector, it has been proposed to ban import of digital enhanced cordless phone. While, terminal equipments such as mobile handset and tablets import may not be allowed without PTA’s approval.

      Imports of mercury and mercury compounds have been restricted to industrial consumers having valid environmental approval.

      In the import of ozone depleting substances, the ministry of climate change will determine the quota.

      Import of 3D printers will be subject to NOC from the ministry of interior, while for aerial vehicles and night-vision goggles NOC will be mandatory from ministry of defence.

      The ministry proposed that no conditions will be linked to the import of plastic scrap for the units importing for the first time. Pyrolysis plants were also allowed to import used tyres. At present the facility is only available to industrial consumers.

      Raw materials in the restricted list may also be allowed to be imported by manufacturer-cum-exporters under the DTRE scheme, Temporary Importation Scheme, Bonded Warehouses, Common Bonded Warehouses and Export oriented schemes, which will be subject to conditions.

      It is also proposed to allow import of pesticides inter-alia subject to pre-shipment inspection (PSI) certification.

      Published in Dawn, December 6th, 2015

    • Because Heavy Duty 3D Printer can possibly print guns and ammunition. Basically it is a manufacturing device. Which can manufacture “controlled goods” also.

      Therefore a license from MoI sounds reasonable.

      • lol………….. what happens in ilaka ghair?? no body bothers,,,, i dont understand how can a plastic printer can print guns easily? those guns would not survive the explosion required to push a bullet… or the ban only applies to metal printers?

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