Man Who Assaulted Daughter in Viral Video Arrested by Policewomen

A video of a man who brutally lashed out at his daughter in Dera Ghazi (DG) Khan went viral over social media recently. The inhumane act shocked a lot of people, and understandably invited a lot of calls for apprehending the person whose savagery knew no limits. His act of violence received a lot of backlash all across the whole country.

The nation demanded action against the culprit. Most people thought that there would be no progress on the case.

However, Sohail Tajik of Dera Ghazi Khan Police took notice of the incident and directed his force to arrest the perpetrator. In the latest development of the case, the man involved in beating his daughter has finally been arrested by the policewomen.

Here is the video of the incident that was aired by a local TV channel (warning: viewer discretion advised):

To Sohail Tajik, one thing was clear. This man needed to be made an example of, at least within the limits of the law.


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An Example to Behold

Sohail Tajik ordered the female members of the DG Khan Police force to arrest the individual in question. The idea was to drive home the point that mistreating our daughters, and by extension the female members of society, is intolerable.

You can see the female police officials escorting the man in chains to a local court below:

Man Who Assaulted Daughter


It is heartening to see that justice has been partially served in this case. What are your thoughts regarding this whole incident?

  • How pathetic…. should be mad an example of . usually such incidents die down as soon as thge media gets something else to report . Like in the @zainab case. What eventually happened in that??

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