These Pictures Show How People Are Beating the Heat in Karachi

A severe heatwave has engulfed Pakistan’s largest city Karachi during the holy month of Ramadan. The metropolis has already recorded its hottest day of the season as the mercury touched 45°C.

Amid the sweltering temperatures and shortfall of electricity, Karachi’s residents have found a way to beat the heat.

Take a look at how Karachiites are coping with the extraordinary temperatures while fasting.

man taking shower in karachi

women in karachi

people in karachi

man on wheel chair under umbrella

beat the heat in karachi

beat the heat in karachi

man taking shower in public

karachi people sleeping outdoor

kids swimming karachi

kids swimming karachi

According to reports, as many as 65 citizens in the city have already lost their lives to the heatwave so far. Forecasts predict that the heatwave is expected to continue in June as well.

If you live in Karachi, experts advise that you should take precautionary measures and avoid going in the sun during peak hours.

Via The Guardian

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