Jazz Reaches Another Milestone With 55 Million Subscribers Across Pakistan

Jazz has further cemented its position as the country’s leading digital communications company after announcing that it now serves 55 million subscribers nationwide.

Speaking during the celebrations at Jazz Digital HQ, Aamir Ibrahim, CEO – Jazz, said,

Reaching this milestone is a wonderful feeling and speaks volumes about the work the entire Jazz team puts in. To think that every 1 out of 3 users in Pakistan is a Jazz subscriber, showcases the strength of our network and puts us in a prime position to take the country to the digital age’s new echelons with innovative digital offerings.

Jazz’s position at the top of Pakistan’s telecom industry also correlates with its positioning as the leading mobile broadband network with highest 3G & 4G users at 18M+. The Telco also offers the largest portfolio of products, services, and mobile applications, which are being supported by the largest retail and business center footprint. Moreover, Jazz is the network of choice for corporate customers as it offers the largest roaming footprint around the world as compared to other operators in Pakistan.


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Over the years, Jazz has been leveraging its leadership position to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of Pakistanis. Apart from heavy investments in the telecom sector, Jazz focuses on bridging the prevalent digital divide with its Super 4G being made available nationwide through its vast mobile broadband network.

Aware of its responsibilities to the masses, Jazz also leverages its resources and expertise to give the tools necessary for success to those in need. For this reason, as part of the Jazz’s sustainability strategy, all initiatives under its Foundation follow the generic theme of empowering youth through technology – a part of Jazz’s group led (VEON) program, ‘Make your Mark.’

  • Call/SMS packages are not too much attractive for economical customers, how custome base increase, it may be MBB instead increase in GUL customers.

  • ?.. That’s good figure but technical aspects is that Jazz has need to do more in terms Technology team, Recently they have released JazzCash app that was full of bugs / Security Breach thousands of User has Reported via Google Play.

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