Beyond Powerpoint: Here are 7 Tools to Make Presentations Less Boring

Steve Jobs wasn’t a big fan of PowerPoint presentations — in fact, he wanted people to engage with the problem on a much deeper level. Rather than creating just a bunch of slides with text and images, he wanted them to sketch out the problem, use a whiteboard and explain the problem. Keeping it simple.

While that may be ideal for some situations, it doesn’t exactly work out when you want to use multimedia to improve your presentations. And although PowerPoint may now be the defacto standard, it isn’t exactly the ideal solution. You can do a lot better and make your presentation truly stand out by using some other tools.

Here are 7 tools to create a presentation that is not a PowerPoint,

1. Prezi


Prezi lets you put together a whole canvas, full of information and any multimedia you want to show. However, instead of using a slide-based approach, it lets you zoom and pan through all your information, making it seem a lot more dynamic rather than just a bunch of slides.

You can check out some of the best Prezi-made presentations over here. You can check out the pricing plan for Prezi over here.

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2. Google Slides

Google Slides

Anyone with a Google account gets free access to Google Slides. One of the best free presentation software available, Google Slides also has some great collaboration features and a big collection of built-in templates. However, when compared to PowerPoint, it definitely lacks some heavy-hitting features. It also lacks a dedicated desktop app.

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3. PowToon


A solid presentation tool, PowToon lets you use powerful animation features to help you create an animated, dynamic presentation. Although it has a bit of a learning curve, it provides a refreshing, engaging new way to create presentations instead of just using text and images.

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4. Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote

Apple’s very own presentation tool, iCloud Keynote is available for Mac, iPad, or iPhone, or even a PC using iCloud. It supports real-time collaboration and provides a decent number of tools to let you create amazing presentations.

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5. Emaze


A web-based presentation tool, Emaze provides you with a set of thoughtfully categorized templates and you can pick the one that best suits your topic. Any layout you pick has a built-in layout, letting you insert graphics, texts, images, and more.

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6. Visme


With a collection of over 500 templates, 6000 icons and millions of images, Visme has a lot of options up its sleeve. Visme is a tool for your visual communication needs and lets you customize your presentations extensively.

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7. Slides


A simple yet relatively powerful tool for creating presentations, Slides is very user-friendly and has a sleek, easy-to-understand UI. It may not let you create cool animations like PowToons, but it does let you get the job done without much hassle.

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