Chief Justice Suspends All Taxes, Services Charges on Mobile Cards

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar, today suspended all sorts of service charges, withholding tax and General Sales Tax (GST) on Mobile cards, we have confirmed with sources.

In a Sou Motu case hearing, headed by three member bench in Lahore registry of Supreme Court, the Chief Justice of Pakistan ordered mobile phone companies to suspend all sort of taxes and service charges on mobile cards from 12AM June 13th, 2018.

This will essentially mean that Rs. 100 will be available in full for airtime when a Rs. 100 card will be loaded by telecom users.

Mobile phone operators confirmed ProPakistani that their lawyers have confirmed them of tax and service charge suspension from June 13, 2018, however, a detailed order is still awaited to be sure on how exactly this suspension will be implemented.

It is thought that this suspension is initially for fifteen days only as FBR is asked to submit its detailed response during next hearing.

FBR was asked that how a person — who does not fall under tax net — is going to be waived from mobile taxes.

FBR, that is likely to submit its response after Eid, is asked to come up with proposals on how it can waive un-taxable individuals from mobile taxes.

Whatever the case, the mobile taxes in Pakistan are going to be suspended starting June 13, 2018 and they will remain suspended for at least 15 days.

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    • Such judgement which are for ticker on TV channels remind me what Iftikhar Chaudry did….

      – By terminating Rekodek mining agreement. (Case in Intl. court of law for 11.6 Billion $ compensation against Pakistan, chances are Pakistan will not win this case.

      – By terminating rental power project agreement with Turkish company (A compensation of 1.6 billion $ Pakistan has to provide as case is already decided against Pakistan) .

      In short just in two cases Ex. Chief Justice of Pakistan caused more damage than we can think of …….by such stunts.

      But yes poor of Pakistan will get Rs. 34 in their pocket, poorer than beggars who even ask for Rs.100 now.

      • You mean, Politicians are free to implement any amount of Tax by any means and nobody will objectify them? either its illegal Rs.34 or billions of $$$ for the sake of their commission?
        No thanks for your free advice.

    • What a pathetic chief justice if he was such a good guy he would have never amend the article 62 63

        • Wha bhai wha criticism karo to banda patwari ban jata hai stupid PTI people logic. No one in this country is fair from top to bottom whether it be PTI PPP OR PML N all of them are corrupt @ssholes

  • Brace Yourself,
    After completion of case very minimum benefit will be provided to customers and these taxes will be imposed again after minor cut.

  • Gross example of judicial over reach. A black day for judiciary. These publicity stunts to gain street level popularity will destroy this institution

    • Whatever you say.. Atleast koi to hah is mulk mai jo next election jeetney k liye ek kaam kar k (wo bhi public k paise se) road pay dance nai kar raha k maine bohat bara kaarnaama kia hah…

      • If you can’t see any development in the country then you deserve those 34 Rs. extra that you will get in your pocket :)

        • In which country there are 35%+ taxes on mobile phones prepaid cards? Please explain first. If by development you mean metros, then no thanks, we are good without it. Unjustified taxes are burden on poor people not a benefit for them.

        • If you see development in the country, you deserve whole of rs.100 and another rs.1000 from me.

          If power generation and distribution system was improved, vacation of N govt. should have made almost no difference.
          If economy was left stronger, balance of payment crisis would have not appeared within hours of N govt. packing up.
          Blindly worshiping any leaders is a curse – we are yet to dispense with.
          N govt. was not allowed to function better – yes.
          Judiciary is foraying into the business of running the country – yes.
          But janab, its our inept politicians who leave room for others to meddle with all state affairs. When theres vaccum, someone else will fill it. Their dress/uniform does not matter.

    • Our media is equally responsible for playing it to the gallery. The order was passed by Supreme Court, NOT chief justice. There was at least one other judge in the bench named Justice IjazulAhsan. However, even on PP, you read that Chief Justice suspended all deductions on airtime card load. Who should be blamed?
      Its evident though, as always, that we are penny wise pound foolish.

  • جھوٹ بولتے ہیں سب۔
    100 کا موبائل لوڈ ابھی کیا ہے 76 روپے آئے ہیں۔

  • I wounder where the judges of Pakistan get their certificates/degrees. A stupid publicity stunt. Not more than that. No wonder on their judgement in international courts Pakistan has to pay a heavy price.

  • guys can anyone double check this news and tell me that is it done?have anyone loaded balance just now and can inform that is this news credible enough now?

    • Kyun k andho ki tarah jab log bina pora article parhe hi k comment krte hain it really pisses me off.

  • Don’t load. You will be charged tax as usual. I have checked for my Jazz number. So it swwes a fake story till now

    • You’re right. I just loaded a card on my Telenor sim and got charged as usual. Fake news.

  • i have load a ufone card of Rs 100… Rs 23 have been deducted as taxes on 13 jun at 6:00 AM . the news was also aired on Tv.. propakistani do share any news regarding complaint lodging process if any

    • Lol which complaint? Did you recirecany intimation from teleco’s? That was just a news. Wake up man.

      • yes i woke up dude… actually suspension was to start after written order. anyhow i recharged a handsome amount
        but now the question is whether revised rates will have retrospective effect i.e from the period of suspension??????

  • Acctually the tax bar has been raised to 1.2m
    So basically people who are earning upto 1lac per month are exempt from income tax.
    So this WHT on mobile already makes no sense.
    And i just checked they are still deducting the same tax as before, yeh sub mil ker pagal bna rahay hain humein ?

    • WHT has nothing to do with taxable income. You pay WHT and later have it adjusted in your tax return. Tax or no tax

  • wah CJ, i just recharged my account with Rs 100 to test it, I got 75.77 only.
    Acha mazak banaya hua hai awaam ka… (slow Clap)

  • ii am not agree at all , already our economy is under pressure , it will increase in problems for the govt ,better to take action against corruption ,mafias and many other things.

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