Dollar-Rupee Exchange Rate Falls Due To Forex Supply-Demand Gap

Yesterday, the PKR-US$ exchange rate in the interbank market closed at Rs. 119.84 per US dollar while witnessing an intraday low and high of Rs. 117.00 and Rs. 121.50 per $ respectively.  This movement is based on foreign exchange demand-supply gap in the interbank market, according to the statement issued by State Bank of Pakistan.

The market-based adjustment is reflective of the country’s external Balance of Payments position which is under pressure due to a large trade deficit. Despite the continued growth in exports (13.3 percent in Jul-Apr FY18) and some uptick in remittances, growing imports have pushed the current account deficit to US$ 14.0 billion during the first ten months of FY18, which is 1.5 times the level of deficit realized during the same period last year.


Rupee Hits a Record Low Against Dollar at Rs. 120 per USD

SBP is of the view that this market-driven adjustment in the exchange rate along with other recent policy measures are expected to  contain the imbalances in the external account thereby containing aggregate demand and  also facilitate the prospects for generating non-debt creating inflows.

SBP will continue to closely monitor the foreign exchange markets. It says that it is ready to ensure stability in the financial markets and curb the emergence of speculative pressures.