400 Vocational Training Institutes to Be Set Up Across Pakistan

In the wake of recent development projects, particularly the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the government of Pakistan is planning to set up 400 vocational training institutes across the country.

Technical manpower is in great demand for the CPEC, therefore, the government will be training individuals in order to bridge the supply and demand gap.

The institutes will be set up on a cost-sharing basis, in partnership with the provincial governments, in a bid to hone the skills of existing human resources as well as new manpower for development projects being carried out in the country.

The focus on technical manpower is evident considering that 62% of the total development budget has been allocated for infrastructure projects. While justifying the budget, officials remarked that sound infrastructure is key to reducing project costs as well as to attract foreign investment.

With a number of development projects set to be executed in the next fiscal year, the need for skilled manpower is more than ever and the government’s latest step to open up training institutes will prove to be fruitful, not just for the current fiscal year but in the longer run as well.

The demand for vocational training institutes is continuously on the rise during the past decade or so. Training skilled manpower is the only way forward to cut costs as well as to create employment opportunities for our countrymen, especially for mega projects like CPEC.

Via Tribune

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