Xiaomi Launches Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder With a 5 Inch Touchscreen

Xiaomi has just unveiled a digital rear-view mirror as part of its Mijia platform. Mijia creates smart household equipment such as furniture, appliances, car accessories, and even toys, just like the new Mi Smart Rearview Mirror Recorder.

Mi Smart Rearview Mirror is a camera plus mirror combo that doubles as a dash cam and a reverse camera for your car. It’s ideal for older vehicles, as it just straps onto a standard rearview camera and uses a digital display to show real-time video from its built-in dash cam.

The reverse camera does not come by default and needs to be purchased separately. Moreover, Xiaomi’s Rearview Mirror has an IPS touch display, that measures 5 inches, with a resolution of 854 x 480. It has its own voice recognition system, and it allows its users to issue voice commands such as “start recording” or “take a picture”.


The dash cam – the one that comes built-in by default – is a Sony IMX323 that sports a f/1.8 aperture and 160° FOV. For the reverse camera, you will have to purchase a separate 70mai Backup Camera – this one has a 138° FOV instead and comes with IPX7-certified water resistance.

Moreover, both cameras can manage simultaneous shooting at up to 720p resolution, both videos, and pictures. Additionally, Mi Smart Rearview Mirror houses a 470 mAh internal battery, can store 10 microSD’s of sizes between 16 to 64 GB and can be charged using the car’s cigarette lighter.


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It syncs with Xiaomi’s Mijia app via Wi-Fi, and lets you download or share your shots with ease anytime. It will hit the shelves on 16 June, in China initially, at a price of CNY 399 (~Rs. 6,500). The 70mai Backup Camera is sold separately and costs an additional CNY 99 (~Rs. 1,800).

  • Please cay anyone guide me best dashcam (atleast HD quaility). I need cam which can resist extreme temperate (in Dubai), and don’t need complex installation.

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