Jazz Transfers its Tech Staff to Ericsson

Under an agreement between VEON — the parent company of Jazz — and Ericsson, Jazz has transferred its 74 technical staff to Ericsson. This staff was mainly responsible for the overhaul of Jazz technology infrastructure — hardware, functions, and systems.

A statement issued by the group said that Jazz’s move is in line with USD 1 billion, seven year, software partnership signed between VEON (then Vimpelcom), Jazz’s parent company, and Ericsson to radically transform the international communications and technology company’s IT infrastructure.

Ericsson has used state-of-the-art network architecture to enable VEON’s end-to-end digital transformation, which includes the management and operation of a new digital business support system.

Called ‘Digital Stack,’ this new cloud-based technology will align VEON’s back-office IT support functions across all of its operating companies, centralizing and globalizing them to conform to Group standards and industry best practices.

Now all IT infrastructure present previously in VEON’s operating markets will be moved to the Digital Stack.


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This latest development represents the mobile operator’s approach to technology infrastructure, from investing in fragmented hardware to focusing on central software operations and cloud solutions that will enable real-time service improvement.

Moreover, the Digital Stack will create and open up enhanced opportunities for VEON employees in all operating companies. This includes exchange of talent over the period of next one year, transfer of capabilities between the Ericsson and VEON teams, international expertise development and more.

Under this overhaul of systems, Jazz continues its journey to transform itself in to a leaner, more agile tech company, in line with the reinventions taking place at VEON.

This continuous process of improvement stems from its core value of being customer-centric, which allows Jazz to be adaptive and extremely agile in times of growing digital demand.

  • It has been almost 2 years and Jazz couldn’t merge Warid and Mobilink completely. At a same location where Jazz SIM shows 4G network, Warid SIM shows 2G network. One visit theorcustomer care center for problem resolution and you are told that our services aren’t completely merged yet. You call on 111 and you are told to call 321 instead for Warid related help. Warid was known for call quality and also better 4G services and now Jazz has completely ruined it. I’ll just say, Jazz has poor management, poor coordination, poor services. I just think Jazz is waiting for Warid’s license to expire and then shift the whole customer base of Warid to the new renewed single license of Jazz then. Until then, old Warid customers are left in choas.

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