Pakistan & Austria to Jointly Establish an Educational Institute

Pakistan and Austria are collaborating to develop the Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences & Technology (PAF-IAST) at the University of Haripur. The higher education commissions of both countries signed held a meeting and announced the joint venture.

Dr. Tariq Banuri Chairman HEC and Dr. Brigitta Blaha Austrian Ambassador to Pakistan led the meeting in which the announcement was made.

The institute will be developed at the Haripur university after collaboration with multiple Austrian institutions. The institution will be aimed at providing following two things:

  • High-quality technical education at the grass-root level.
  • Creating a high tech industry.


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The HEC chairman welcomed the Ambassador and emphasized the importance of joint ventures between the countries in the education sector. He added that it will be beneficial for both countries as it will create additional opportunities improving the social and economic growth.

Dr. Blaha ensured that her office will further cooperate with Pakistan to promote educational activities. She informed the Chairman that around 41 students are already pursuing their Ph.D. degrees in Austria.

Dr. Banuri appreciated Pakistan’s efforts in improving the education standards in the last 15 years. He added that more steps are needed to improve it by developing university-industry linkages and human resource.

He further stressed the importance of entrepreneurial culture saying it will improve the quality of education as well.

  • The University of Haripur??
    Are they seriously kidding us??
    Institutions such as this must be located in proximity to similar institutions, industry and in areas with a high literacy rate.
    Haripur is not exactly known for any of these. As such, the intellectual standard of the students who apply to this institute will be low. Mediocrity results in mediocrity. And therefore, we can not expect this institution to eventually become a center of excellence for science and technology.

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