Haier Blue Turbo Series Brings Efficiency, Reliability and Rapid Cooling

Haier’s top-of-the-line refrigerators, the Blue Turbo Series are also top of the competition. The Blue Turbo Series has proven to be a hit with the consumers because of its features, highly advanced technology and all-round performance that provides fast cooling with remarkable energy saving.

The Blue Turbo Series will give you high-speed cooling which takes temperatures down more rapidly (30% faster) and more deeply (-25C) than any other refrigerator in the market. It also enhances the operational economy, with a massive 55% energy saving in operational costs throughout the product lifecycle.

Best of all perhaps is the convenient “One Touch LED Control Technology” which gives you the convenience of instant and precise operational control with a single touch of the button on the front digital panel.

For those who are health conscious, the Blue Turbo Series features an antibacterial UV (ultraviolet ray) technology that will keep your food fresher for longer periods of time as compared to other brands in the market.  And when it’s party time and you need solid ice in a hurry, you’ll simply love the convenience of the 1 hit Advance function which provides ice in just one hour.

The Blue Turbo Series Refrigerator is great to look at and is sure to enhance the decor of any kitchen. Not only is it beautiful on the outside, it’s appealing from the inside as well. Open the door and you realize that the refrigerator is lit up with 2+1 full LED lighting system that keeps the fridge and the freezer compartments glowing at all times.

No wonder then that the Blue Turbo Series is competing in the market in all characteristics from engineering design to performance, reliable long life, improved functionality, user-friendliness, and Haier’s Blue Turbo technology.

Blue Turbo Features

  • Blue Turbo Cooling for longer and fastest cooling
  • Smart Control with One-touch
  • 1-hour ice making technology
  • 55% energy saving as a result of Haier’s energy efficient technology
  • 40% thicker insulation, to increase cooling retention
  • Multilayer gasket on the doors, to retain cooling for 100 hours in case of power breakdown
  • Balanced cooling throughout the refrigerator compartment
  • 5-way evaporator to increase cooling efficiency

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  • Haier is a piece of sh** company. Avoid its products as much as you can. Go for Dawlance, Oreint etc but not this. Specially don’t buy their inverter ACs at all.

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      My experience says orient products will win awards for shitessst products… Television to their AC! (Pretty sure many will say same)

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