Pakistanis React Hilariously to the Delay In Avenfield Case

All eyes were set on the accountability court hearing the high-profile corruption cases against the former prime minister and his family. As the whole nation was glued to their televisions the whole day but Judge Muhammad Bashir had some other plans.

Judge Mohammad Bashir, present inside his chamber announced deadlines so many times that we lost count. At first, the initial delay notices were given out through the court staff, but the last one was pushed by the judge himself.

What’s hilarious is that the judge explained that they have to make an appropriate number of photocopies of the judgment for distribution to the relevant parties.


This Reporter Knew the Verdict in Avenfield Case Before Anyone Else

And Pakistanis did not let go of this opportunity by cracking some of the most hilarious jokes on social media. Here are some of them:

  • #Islamabad: Report coming that delay was due to:

    محکمہ زراعت کی گاڑی مری روڈ پہ رش میں پھنس گئی تھی۔ زرائع

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