Banks and Their Employees to Donate to Diamer Basha and Mohmand Dam Fund

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and commercial banks have pledged employees salary as well as organizational donations for the Supreme Court established Dam fund. SBP and banks announced to provide every kind of facilitation to Pakistani Public to submit their donations to the Dam Fund.

Deputy Governor SBP Shamsul Hasan addressed an emergency Press Conference at SBP Learning Resource Center Karachi. President National Bank Saeed Ahmed, President HBL Muhammad Aurangzeb, and UBL President Sima Kamil also address the media. Presidents and senior officials of commercial, Islamic and microfinance banks were also present at the press conference.


SBP Orders Banks To Receive Funds for Diamer Basha & Mohmand Dams

While addressing the conference Shamsul Hassan said that donations can be made online through the internet, ATM banking or other channels besides cash deposits at counters of banks. In case of any query or difficulty in making donations, the public may contact State Bank of Pakistan Help Line at UAN 111-727-273. Deputy Governor pledged the donation on behalf of SBP and its subsidiary organizations employees.

“SBP officers and workers will give 2-day salaries and subsidiaries will donate their one day salary in Diamer Basha and Mohmand Dam Fund Account.” according to Shamsul Hassan.

On the question of how much fund is collected so far? Shamsul Hassan did not give any figure but said, “The response we’ve witnessed, we hope the People of Pakistan will donate more than Rs. 800 billion in this national cause.”

National Bank (NBP) President Saeed Ahmed said that bank employees will donate one day salary and bank management will match this amount. He said that all NBP branches are collecting the fund and after every half hour, the fund amount is transferred to NBP head office branch for immediate dispersal to SBP account.

Habib Bank President, Muhammad Aurangzeb, told media that 1700 branches have been deputed to collect donations for the fund. The bank also activated a helpline for the purpose. HBL will donate Rs. 100 million in fund and employees will give one day salary.

United Bank President Sima Kamil said that UBL had already established the fund account and people have started donating to it. UBL has also sent text messages to account holders asking for donations to the Dam Fund.

The representatives of Allied Bank and MCB Bank also announced that they would donate one day salary and bank management will match the amount as well.

  • Aamir Mursleen

    Just an amazing step, but no comments!

    In sha ALLAH! It’s the time to eliminate load shedding, we Pakistani will prove it!

  • M Waseem Akhtar

    I am an engineer and also a bank employee and do not intend to donate. A dam costing 8 billion dollar having life of 60 years while disturbing the Eco system is useless. Instead Govt should take steps to fill the equifers. It is estimated that equifers below Lahore city onlu is the size of tarbela.
    We are paying Neelam jehlam surcharge for last decade and still hoping that we will get cheap electricity.
    Dear CJ, please do your job and let others do theirs.

    • Ali Salman

      Even if we stick with Hydel power a dam that costs between 12-20 billion dollars can’t be built with donations.

      Roughly Rs. 30,000 / person has to be donated, our CJ is expecting donation money will increase than the required…and he will be next Quaid-A-Azam or Dr. Qadir Khan.


      8 billion doller ya rupees??
      Kya dam ki tamer me gold istmal ho ga ?

      • M Waseem Akhtar


  • Kashif Ahmed

    Jab zarorat ho money ke tou awam yaad aa jatey hai.

    Ye jo nawaz sharif, zardari, bilawal, marium nawaz, hassan nawaz, hussain nawaz, fariyal talpur jo crore / uraboun kay malik hain oun sai donation lo kya wo pakistani awam nahi, hum awam zada ameer hain.

    Tax dou, donation dou, salaries humari kam, leaders je lakhoun mai, humari chand hazar . …

    Mushkil mai ghareeb awam yaad aateey hai.

    • Ali Salman

      Imran Niazi ko bhe shamil kar lo, 300 acre ky ghar ma aur 14 properties kisi ghareeb ki to hoti nhe.

      Isko ghareeb ka itna dard ha to 5 marla ky ghar mai rahay aur baqi uss qaum ko wapis kar dy jo uss qaum ny Shaukat Khanam ki sorat mai donate kya tha. Aaj iska credit sirf Imran ko jata ha uss awam ko nahe jis ny aik aik paisa apni hasiat sy barh kr donate kya.

  • afzal khan

    as an Pakistani, and expat in Dubai,
    I m not willing to pay a single pesa for donation of dam or any
    for what what & what shell we pay, Electrycity, tv surcharge, gas surcharge, health taxes, air inhaling taxes, graveyard taxes etc etc
    did we get for what is already looted from us ??, in form of taxes on every thing even on egg,
    where are basic rights of paksitani national, like free highest quality education ? health ? home credits ? business credit ?
    instead its nothing but piece of hellllll

    we have to pay for each and everything without any return & benefit

  • Arslan Khan

    Dam completion roughly takes 20 years. Why wait that long? Why can’t Pakistan govt buy Solar panels and within 6-8 months, have electricity running in the grids? Why do we have to wait 20 years? Who is making money out of this?