Samsung Announces Discounts of Upto Rs. 10,000 on Note 8 and S9+ in Pakistan

Samsung has reduced the prices for some of its most popular flagships in Pakistan.

The prices have been reduced by up to Rs. 10,000 for the Galaxy S8+, Note 8, and the recently launched Galaxy S9+ as well. Price changes for these smartphones are as follows:

  • Galaxy S8+‘s price has been reduced from Rs. 89,999 to Rs. 84,999 – a difference of Rs. 5,000
  • Galaxy Note 8 now costs Rs. 89,999 after a Rs.10,000 reduction from the previous price of Rs. 99,999
  • Galaxy S9+‘s price has also been slashed by Rs. 10,000, and it now costs Rs. 111,999 instead of Rs. 121,999

These are the official prices for customers who want to buy these handsets directly from the company. You can check out better deals by visiting our Mobile Price Portal.

About the Offer

Samsung’s new price reduction is a limited time offer and will expire soon. If you have been planning to get one of the aforementioned Samsung flagships, now might be a good time.

Samsung Discount Offer For Galaxy Note 8 Galaxy S8+ Galaxy S9+

As for the specifications, the Galaxy S9+ is the latest one in the bunch and comes with a unique dual-aperture camera set up. It lets you change the aperture size between two presets so you can adjust the lighting based on the scene.

For the Note 8, it has almost the same internal specifications as the S8+ and also does not have the dual-aperture camera. Other than that, there’s a Snapdragon 835 (or Exynos 8895 for some variants), a dual-lens setup, and also Samsung’s signature Super AMOLED infinity display.

The S8+ was launched last year and has a premium glass build with trimmed, narrow bezels. It does not have a dual-lens setup, so you might want to consider the Note 8 or the S9+ if you want better photography features.

  • Still not in Budget for Mostly People of Pakistan :
    It should be reduce by 50,000 then we can buy it.

    • Well these are not supposed to be budget phones.

      Flagships from premium brands like Samsung and Apple never really come at “budget prices”.

  • I have Note 8 in good condition. I got IphoneX and wanna sale Note8 anyone interested?

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