Facebook to Debut Its “Breaking News” Video Feature Next Week

Facebook will now be providing its users with exclusive reports by partnering with reputable news networks such as Fox News, CNN, and ABC News through its upcoming Watch tab.

There will also be a subsection that will feature breaking news stories within the Watch tab. Though the social network will have to bear some expenses to partner with news publishers, experts say that it will still be beneficial as “real-life” videos that fall in the news category are shared more than music or other dramas.

Helpful for Facebook

These videos will be streamed more and will have a wider audience as people already spend a lot of time on Facebook to check out content shared by other users. And now, users will also be able to get local updates – all in one place – without having to switch to their TV or another digital news platform.


Facebook Collaborates with ECP To Prevent Abusive Content and Fake News

The Watch tab will also help eliminate Facebook’s “fake news” problem, as users will be able to differentiate faux updates from news videos posted by reputable news channels.

New Shows

Facebook says that it will start its first few programs next week on July 16th. Some of the new shows that will be hosted on the social network are,

  • Fox News Update from Fox News
  • More in Common from ABC News and Quartz News
  • At What Cost from Bloomberg
  • Profile from BuzzFeed
  • The War Within by McClatchy
  • NowThisMorning from NowThis
  • An Imperfect Union from TEGNA

These shows will premiere on the Watch platform next week. Also, the company says that more shows will be added later on and that the updated News Feed will prioritize local content from now.