Xiaomi Launches Sleek-Looking AutoFull Gaming Chair

Xiaomi has launched an AutoFull e-sports chair, adding to its ever-growing portfolio of gaming gear. The chair is designed to provide maximum comfort to gamers who spend several hours sitting in front of the screens.

The esports chair seems pretty ergonomic with an attractive design. It deviates from minimalism, giving a range of options for customizing it to suit everyone’s needs.

The Chair

Xiaomi and AutoFull – a well-known brand among gamers – teamed up to launch the chair through crowdfunding. The chair is currently available in following three color combinations:

  • Blue and black,
  • Yellow and black,
  • Gray and black.

It has a steel frame covered with third-generation PU leather and a polymer foam.

The chair also has a neck pillow and another waist pillow to prevent back and neck injuries that come from long hours of playtime. It also provides inclination adjustments at four different angles of 90°, 100°, 120°, and 155°. It has adjustable armrests that can be lifted up to 46 cm.

The chair measures 124 cm in height and has a back width of 48 cm and 55 cm front width. It has a maximum weight support of 1,136 kilograms.

Take a look at how the chair looks like.

The chair is priced at $150 and is available on Youpin store. It is exclusively available in China only as of now, however, expect it to reach the European and Asian markets soon because the design sure looks like it could attract masses.

Via Gizmochina

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