3G/4G Users Cross the 56 Million Mark in Pakistan

The number of 3G and 4G users in Pakistan reached 56.08 million by the end of June 2018, said Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Number of mobile phone users in Pakistan reached 150.23 million by end June 2018 compared to 150.32 by end May 2018, a decrease of 0.084 million during the period under review.

Jazz’s total count for 3G users stood at 14.83 million by end June compared to 14.82 million by end May, registering an increase of 0.01 million. Jazz 4G user numbers jumped from 4,035817 by end May 2018 to 4,376,394 by end June 2018.

Zong 3G subscribers decreased from 9.383 million by end May to 9.267 while the number of 4G users jumped from 7,086,529 by end May to 7,353,105 by end June.

The number of 3G users of Telenor network decreased from 10.764 million by end May 2018 to 10.511 million by June. The number of 4G users jumped from 2,925,219 by end May to 3,115,119 by end June.

Ufone added 0.18 million 3G users on its network during the month of June The total number of people who use Ufone reached 6.630 million by end June 2018 as compared to 6.45 million by end May.

Teledensity for cellular mobile connections decreased to 72.81 percent when compared to 73.28 percent during end of May. Broadband subscribers reached 58,339,814 by end June 2018, compared to 57,743,904 by end May.

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