Google Drive on Track to Hit 1 Billion Users

Google Drive, one of the most famous online cloud storage platforms launched back in 2012, is about to join the search engine giant’s 1 billion users club. Drive is going to be the 8th product to reach this number as Google already had 7 of its products cross the 1 billion mark.

The company announced it during the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, saying that the 1 billion mark will be reached later this week. The exact day wasn’t specified.

Drive follows in the footsteps of Google’s flagship services like Android, Maps, Chrome, YouTube, Search and the Play Store that reached this milestone earlier. It should be noted that Android has more than 2 billion users now.

Features Added In The Past

In the past, Google Drive was updated with machine learning to provide a better user experience. Google also added Drive centric backup and sync tool for Mac and PC, as well as business-oriented features like Team Drives and Drive File Stream to maximize the space available to its users.

Before this, Google Drive showed up in the news for storing more than 2 trillion files on its cloud servers. At that time it had more than 800 million active users.

About Google Drive

Google Drive is an online platform that offers “Cloud Storage” solutions to its users. You can upload and download files from Google Drive to save space on your own PC/laptop/phone, allowing you to access them anywhere at any time, as long as you have internet access.

You can also share the uploaded files with your friends and family. It offers 15GB of storage for free to everyone, after which you have to pay in order to get more storage on Google Drive. You can download Drive for free from PlayStore for android and Appstore for iOS devices or you can simply use its website.