OGRA Suggests Increase In Petrol Prices By Rs. 2.45

Officials of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) have recommended increasing the prices of petrol by Rs. 2.45 per litre and high-speed diesel by Rs. 2.70 per litre.

In a summary put forward by OGRA to the Finance Ministry, it has recommended increasing the prices of petrol, high-speed diesel, light diesel and kerosene oil. This price hike, if finalized, will be effective from 12:00 am on 31st July, as announced by the Ministry of Finance.


Here’s How Much Tax is Really Being Charged on Fuel in Pakistan

However, informed sources say that the interim government will not be increasing the prices of fuel products this time, especially in the light of the challenges it faces in the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding this issue. Sources added that the interim administration wants to defer the decision till formation of the new government over the next few days. Chances are that the upcoming government may not hike the prices of petroleum at this stage as well.

OGRA’s Recommendations

OGRA suggested the following increments in prices of petroleum products:

  • Rs 2.45 per liter in petrol price
  • Rs 2.70 per liter in High-Speed Diesel price
  • Rs 3.25 in Kerosene Oil (KO) price
  • Rs 3.40 in Light Diesel Oil (LDO) price

Previous Price Increases for Fuel Products

Consumers had to face a massive price hike just last month, when prices of petroleum products increased by Rs. 5.4 to Rs 97.46 per litre. Prices of High-speed diesel got increased by Rs. 6.20 and kerosene by Rs. 12.