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Non-Filers Can No Longer Purchase New Cars: FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has imposed a restriction on non-filers from purchasing new motor vehicles manufactured in Pakistan or imported vehicles, irrespective of engine capacity, from July 1, 2018.

Sources said that Finance Act 2018 has not exempted vehicles of 800cc from the condition of restriction on non-filers from the purchase of new cars. The non-filers cannot purchase vehicles of 800cc and below. There is no exemption granted to vehicles below 1000cc.

Under the Finance Act 2018, non-filers shall not be permitted to purchase new motor vehicles manufactured in Pakistan or imported vehicles.

This correspondent also asked FBR officials to clarify the status of the letter of the Excise and Taxation Department Punjab to all its regional directors that there is no requirement of being a filer for registration or transfer of motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and cars below 1000cc. The Directorate of Excise and Taxation Punjab had issued instructions to all its directors’ excise and taxation after issuance of the Finance Act 2018.

According to the past instructions of the Directorate General of Excise and Taxation Punjab, the applicant for registration of a car above 1000cc is required to be a filer and for motorcar with engine capacity of 1000cc and above registered by way of transfer (known NRT), the transferee is required to be filer, Excise, and Taxation Punjab added.

The FBR officials responded that the said letter was wrongly issued by the Provincial Excise and Taxation Punjab without the consent of the FBR. The said letter has been withdrawn by the Provincial Excise and Taxation Punjab, they added.

According to the Finance Act 2018, the new section 227C of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 has imposed the restriction on the purchase of certain assets. Any application for booking, registration or purchase of a new locally manufactured motor vehicle or for first registration of an imported vehicle shall not be accepted or processed by any vehicle registering authority of Excise and Taxation Department or a manufacturer of a motor vehicle respectively, unless the person is a filer, the Finance Act 2018 added.

      • Your comment is gold. Sir, for people like you, license is indeed irrelevant; for even driving a car on road, let alone purchase of car. Sorry for grammar mistakes, i tried my best.

        • I think you have very limited thinking ability, so I give you a hint.
          there are lot of people who buy vehicles to avail benefit from Creem and Uber, and rent a car services.

        • Bhai aqal ko hath maro kuch log gari khareed k usi gari pe driving seekhtay hain. Jab gari hi nhi ho gi to chalaen ge kia or driving kaise seekhein ge? Need For Speed khel k?

          • bhai jo ap keh rahe ho wo sirf pakistan me he hota ha.
            Worldwide car purchase se pelhe ap ko driving learning center jana hota ha and after licence you can own a car

    • What if someone want to learn driving after buying the car? Or someone want to hire a driver after purchasing car and don’t want to drive him/herself??

  • WHat the hell is this? What if we have below 12 lakh salary per annum? then we are not able to purchase cars? very bad

    • acc to my know below 12 lac people having no tax also have to file returns and show whatever they have or getting

    • Return filling have nothing to do with Salary!
      you can still submit your file return even if you have low salary.

  • If I’m correct, this news article does not say anything about transfer of locally manufactured used vehicles. Thus, I am assuming that a non-filer can buy and get transferred any second hand vehicle to his/her name.

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