Xiaomi and Oppo Are Also Planning to Launch Foldable Phones

This year we got the likes of Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X with popup cameras and edge-to-edge screens. However, not all phone makers are following suit with their own popup cameras and fully bezelless screens, so it’s safe to say that the trend won’t be catching on any time soon.

The Next Big Thing

What does seem to be the next big thing in smartphones, are foldable screens. Samsung and Huawei are both reportedly working on a foldable phone which will be released sometime later this year or early 2019. Huawei even committed to releasing a phone before Samsung.

According to the latest news, Oppo and Xiaomi are also joining the fray and are working on their own foldable phones. The two companies are looking for potential display makers for their venture. Currently, BOE, Visionox and LG Display are the only companies that specialize in this particular niche.

Available First

Xiaomi seems to be going all-in on this by commencing mass production of foldable phones as soon as they announce one. This would also make Xiaomi’s foldable phone available to the masses before Samsung or even Huawei.

However, Xiaomi’s strategy has a downside for us in Pakistan, the company won’t be releasing it outside of China. The company will also be releasing a cheaper variant than Oppo if the reports are true.


Other than that, the report also mentioned the potential price details of Samsung’s foldable phone, which will be around $1,788 to $2,652. Xiaomi and Oppo will be significantly cheaper (still more expensive than mainstream phones) at $896 – $1,344.

The info about Samsung’s pricing is in line with a previous rumor about the foldable Galaxy phone being somewhere around $2,000.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any images or other details about Xiaomi and Oppo’s phones. Stay tuned for more info.

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