Jazz’s New TVC Showcases Why Its 4G Services are the Most Advanced In Pakistan

Jazz, formerly Mobilink, needs no introduction. As one of the pioneers of bringing mobile connectivity in Pakistan, the company is poised to add another feather in its cap.

One out of three mobile users in Pakistan uses Jazz

The company serves more than 55 million customers all over Pakistan, making it the largest network for cellular services in the country. With the people’s trust in it, Jazz isn’t content with resting on its laurels.

Its new TVC, which is being aired right now on TV channels, gives you a look at how the company has adapted to the times. It provides Super 4G services to its customers, which is believed to be the most advanced 4G network in Pakistan, capable of delivering blistering fast speeds with maximum reliability.

Jazz Super 4G

Jazz Super 4G purports to be the most advanced and fastest 4G network in Pakistan. This is due to the fact that Jazz uses the highest spectrum in the country to deliver faster than ever speeds to its customers. As a market leader, Jazz understands the needs of a digital Pakistan and how it’s essential to future growth.

Do you know that Jazz offers the lowest voice calling rates for on-network calls?

With an ongoing switch to Ultra HD and 4K video content, online gaming, larger downloads for games and apps that call for the need for speed, Jazz is hoping that Super 4G becomes synonymous with quality and quantity, and a reliable choice for internet connectivity in Pakistan.

You can watch Jazz’s new TVC here:

  • I think Pakistan is way ahead from rest of the world. We have Super 3G, Super 4G, CharG, not available or hear of anywhere else in the world.

  • “Do you know that Jazz offers the lowest voice calling rates for on-network calls?”
    LOL. seriously? Jazz is the most expensive network in term of voice calling. As far as their Super 4G is concerned, they really need to expand coverage footprints and lower data rates otherwise Zong is game mein bara hai aur bara hi rahay ga :p

  • ZONG for life <3.Jazz has pathetic service and low coverage area Low data rates with expensive packages.

  • Zong Is Life. Zong is cheaper then all other in terms of Internet.

  • Seriously.. what is the purpose of this press release? Is this TVC really worth a press release? Food for thought for whoever decided to go for a PR with this TVC.

  • Jazz offer one of bad 4G service in Karachi. I bought their 4G and it had worst performance. Zong was good but now they are OK. However, Telenor is providing good service and they need to make it best.

  • If Jazz really want to step up in the game then it is high time they should introduce VoLTE

  • This paid article doesn’t serve any purpose, practically Zong remains best 4G in my experience.

  • Propakistani waly buht funny hain yar but jazz waly tu en se bhi 2 hath agy hain.. Ye super 4g in k headquarter pe he aata ho ga wo bhi es k rates afford nhi kar paty hon gay…

    • Something super, super G. The terminology of Super 4G, is not even used in the regulatory terminology of award of license, in the license. Its the term of Jaaz.

  • Zong was miles ahead of any other network in terms of speed and rates but recently I am experiencing very low speed in Garhi Shahu, Lahore. Zong must focus on its network as client base is increasing.

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