NAB Launches Inquiry into Illegal Award of 3G/4G License By Previous Government

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has approved an inquiry into the allegedly illegal award of contract of the Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS 3G/4G), which caused huge losses to the national exchequer.

The decision to this effect was taken at a NAB Executive Board Meeting (EBM), presided over by Chairman NAB Justice Javed Iqbal (retd) and attended by other senior officials.

The EBM approved inquiry against former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, former Minister for Information Technology Anusha Rehman and former Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Dr Ismail Shah and others over the illegal award of contract of the 3G/4G.


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The Board also launched an inquiry against government officials for payment of Rs 480 billion circular debt in violation of rules and regulations in the year 2013.

EBM also okayed an inquiry against the management of Neelum-Jhelum Project for alleged misuse of authority and corruption.

The Bureau also decided to launch an inquiry against former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Principal Secretary Fawad Hassan Fawad over alleged misuse of authority and corruption, which incurred huge losses to the national kitty.

The NAB will also launch another inquiry against Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator Rubina Khalid, former Executive Director Lok Virsa, Aksi Mufti, and M/S Cosmos Private Limited for awarding contracts to blue-eyed companies.

The Bureau initiated another inquiry against the officers and officials of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) over awarding of contracts to blue-eyed companies for the purchase of instruments for airplanes.

  • As far as I know they did an open auction. How was this illegal? Even the second slot that Jazz bought, it was also auctioned but there was only 1 bidder. Please elaborate

    • Exactly my thoughts, this was done in an open bidding procedure and was covered by ProPak as well, how has this now tuned illegal ?. Apparently the guys at NAB want to remain in spotlight for one reason or the other.

      • Telcos with the Licence won’t be affected by the decision… The Auction was transparent… the Awarding of the contract was transparent. However, the enquiry is being initiated against the Money collected and then spent illegally to pay circular debts and all… The reporting and title is misleading.

  • So, NAB was sleeping then. First an Inquiring should be started against NAB itself why it used to sleep when required and awake after enough water has passed.

  • First there must have been an inquiry about those culprits who were in charge on these seats from 2000-2013 who delayed 3G/4G auctions with No reason which caused huge losses to the country. Yahan jo kaam nahin karta us ko koi kuch nahin kehta aur jo kar ke chala jata hai tab NAP walay hath dho kar peeche parr jatay hyn. Kaash koi department kaam na karne walay Kaam choron ke liye bhi ho.

    • Bhai jan sab say ziada corrupt adara NAB ha Pakistan mein , mujhy hath dikhaya hoa ha ha NAB k deputy director lahore ny , Shahryar Jamil name tha k*** k bachy ka , uy log karorron ke corruption krty hein lakhon ke ni , ab auction ko illegal bol k companies ko blackmale kr k aor unko threat kr k pesy khaein k uy BC

  • There should have been more details in this article about alleged irregularity/scam. Following is from a news article dated 14th June:

    “According to NAB officials, the PTA initiated the process of auction of 3G and 4G in April 2014 and set a reserve price on the demand of the participating telecom companies (telcos). They said that open bidding was adopted for the auction of the licences. After open bidding, one licence of 4G and three licenses for 3G were granted while the bidders totally offered $1.12 billion for getting these licences.

    Sources in the telecom sector disclosed that the national exchequer had suffered a heavy loss in the auction of 3G and 4G licences while telecom companies earned billion rupees in profit after the IT Ministry, PTA and telcos allegedly affected the auction process.

    Similarly, PTA had awarded another 4G license at a price of $295m on May 19, 2017. They said the former PTA chairman had frequently received instructions from Anusha Rehman during the process of award of 3G and 4G licences. It is also alleged that the PTA, instead of ensuring transparency and competition, remained dependent on the IT Ministry. The process of transparency in the auction could not be maintained allegedly due to Anusha’s involvement, sources claimed.

    They further said that the ex-state minister had appointed blue-eyed officials to allegedly protect the interest of telcos in the award of the licences.”

  • as long as i remember, supreme court had also ordered for long delayed 3g/4g auction to government, it was pmln manifesto to bring latest technologies in Pakistan

  • transparency international also witnessed the auction process and said that auction was conducted on merits

  • I remember it was an open auction but i would say NAB is just a puppet this is just only for political victimization where was NAB when PPP Govt hire international consultants for 3G auction the consultants come here to Pakistan they start their work and suddenly the PPP govt cancel the auction and the consultants got the money and return i think they were from British firm……But NAB is just trying downgrade the PMLN genuine effort…….From 1947 to till date these puppet judges has destroyed our country.

  • You clearly did not get my point. So apna comment uthaayen aur niklein yahan sey. I mean to say f off

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