Connected Pakistan Conference Set for September in Islamabad

Conferences and exhibitions not only prove to be fruitful in expanding your professional network but also provide great opportunity for you to learn new ideas, taking your career to a whole new level.

If you are looking to attend one of the most successful conferences in the country, then check out the upcoming 3rd Connected Pakistan Conference. Now in its third year, Connected Pakistan prides itself as an IT-based Social Enterprise.

The third edition of the Connected Pakistan Conference will commence on 8th & 9th of September 2018 at Jinnah Auditorium, Islamabad.

Here are some reasons why you should attend this conference in Pakistan:

Free Trainings, Seminars, Workshops and More

All the trainings, workshops, seminars, motivational sessions, panel discussions and exhibitions are absolutely free. And whats more, participants are also treated to some awesome food.

Clear Sense of Direction and Purpose

We have all attended conferences and seminars where it seems quite evidently that events lose their direction. Connected Pakistan claims that its workshops and sessions have a distinct sense of purpose. You can get yourself registered in workshops/seminars/training sessions as well as in motivational sessions by successful Pakistani icons.


Digital Awards

This conference will recognize high achievers who have made Pakistan proud, offering Digital Awards to all those who have left their mark in their respective fields.

Social Apps Awards

Connected Pakistan is a social enterprise. They have identified 10 important sectors that Pakistan needs to focus on. The 10 E’s include Education, Employment, Empowerment of Women & Gender Equality, Energy Conservations, Environment Protections, Enlightened, Moderate & Liberal Society, Engagement of Senior Citizens, Eradication of Drugs, Expectancy of Life and Exploring Pakistan. If you made an app relevant to any of these categories than you can apply for Social App Award and take your App to a next level of success and recognition.

All IT and non IT experts under one roof for two consecutive days

Now you can meet, greet and above all, learn invaluable skills from your mentors. There are more than 60 speakers who will attend this conference = ranging from Federal Minister of Finance Mr. Asad Umer to stand up comedian Zaydan Khan.

Musical Concert/ Stand Up Comedian Show

Its not all work and more work. Arrangements have been made to keep attendees entertained throughout the event with a music concert as well as a comedy show.

Special events for Women Entrepreneurs

Pakistani women have great potential to excel but unfortunately not many opportunities are given to them. This statement is history now. Connected Pakistan itself is a women-led organization where Executive Director has won Best Freelancer Award by KP Govt. Not only this she is the 1st Pakistani women top rated seller. She along with her team of women professionals and other high achiever women will be there to guide aspiring women who have a passion to excel.

Gifts and Prizes on Offer

In their last event, Connected Pakistan gave away motor bikes. Stay tuned for more surprises this time. Connected Pakistan Conference hopes to see you there in Islamabad next month.

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