Pakistani Bank Opens the First Ever Account on a Transgender Person’s CNIC

A Pakistani bank, for the first time in Pakistan’s history, has opened an account for a transgender and identified them as the third gender as stated on their identity card.

First Women Bank’s Multan branch opened a “Zindagi Asan” account for Manzoor on her CNIC. The spokesperson of Women Bank said that the bank will open more accounts for transgender people.


Pakistan Passes Landmark Transgender Rights Law

Manzoor, when speaking to a news channel, said:

For us, keeping our money safe was a big concern. We have even lost our hard-earned money. It is not possible to carry money and we even left it behind in our quarters at times. When I came to First Woman Bank and spoke to them, they paid heed to me and opened an account.

Manzoor further said that this was a huge help for her wellbeing and urged her community to also open accounts as this would help them financially and will keep their earnings safe.

Pakistan became one of the first countries in the world in 2009 to give legal recognition to the third gender; this legal move allowed transgender people to obtain identity cards.

With normal services and rights being availed by the transgender community, it seems Pakistan is moving in the right direction in providing basic human rights to the minorities.

Via Geo

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