Passengers Blast PIA for Refusing to Let Them Leave a Delayed Flight with No A.C.

In a shocking development, PIA flight PK-750, which had to take off from Paris Airport, left its passengers confused and waiting inside the plane for about two hours. The stay in the plane proved to be a nightmare for its 390 passengers, as the doors remained closed and passengers were told to stay put.

The flight was originally scheduled to depart from Paris to Islamabad at 9pm on Friday, August 9. However, its departure was delayed by 2 hours and 39 minutes, without any reason given by the PIA crew onboard.

To make matters worse, a child fainted on the flight as the plane’s air-conditioning system was turned off while the passengers were waiting inside the aircraft after boarding the flight. Despite the pleas of the child’s mother, PIA crew did not open the plane’s doors.


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The video of the incident has gone viral over social media, with no doubt that PIA has another PR nightmare on its hands:

Sources say that the plane had only one working AC instead of the usual two. With the failure of its only AC system, the passengers had to face unbearable heat and suffocation, as is evident from what the infant suffered on the ill-fated flight.

PIA has tweeted its response to the unfortunate incident at Paris. Its press release says that the plane was only delayed for “30 minutes”:

However, people are already disputing the national career’s version of events, with publicly available data from

PIA flightaware website


PIA management needs to deal with the issue urgently. If the crew or the engineers caused the fiasco, they should be penalized for their negligence which could have taken an infant’s life.

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